Connect Animal – Face a lot challenging levels

[Game] Connect Animal

Connect Animal 5000+ Levels
50+ Animals
100% offline, no needs internet or wifi
Extremely lightweight, play at all times without wasting battery
It’s easy at the beginning and as you progress you will face a lot challenging levels.
Classic gameplay, Simply addictive

Connect 2 similar images with up to 3 straight lines
Each level will limit time, game over when time runs out
Take advantage of power ups

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Connect Animal user reviews :

After the latest update I find myself wondering whether I will continue playing or uninstall it. The rewards After the last update went from fair to almost nothing now. The hints and bombs have been done away with. The option to purchase any hints or anything else is just gone. I thought sites wanted to make money. The ad watching has increased a little. Half the time it just freezes up on me. It might be time to go. The game before was great Now, I’ve dropped the rating down.

It’s an okay game, just not really challenging. The bonuses that you receive when you reach a higher level are not wow enough to make you want to continue. Wish that the review could have been better, but it is what it is.

NO ADS! I love this game! Graphics are really good. Game moves smoothly and it’s not too hard, but not really easy either. I spend hours playing this game.

I love these kinda games I have had multiple strokes and these types of games truly work my brain and make me really try to retrain my brain and that is something I am learning in speech therapy they say that they do these kinda of things trying to get the good part of my brain to pick up where my damaged part can’t be active enough to complete the task at hand. I don’t know if I will be 100% but I know activities like playing these types of games. or lessons. So thank you for making these.

Connect Animal teaches the best way to go about connecting the animals. The animals move from side to side and scrambled.Just to keep the game challenging.Also to make it easier to connect the animals. Also there is a box to add hints and a switch for the players aid in connecting the animals.

Very good it reduce stress when you play the game.Sometimes i play just to have fun to keep myself busy because this game is very good and very easy and very funny too.

Too much ads! Literally every level you are forced to watch the ads. Sometime it takes more time to watch the ads than clearing the level itself.

I really enjoy this game. It’s extremely similar to an ad-supported app I played until finding this on Play Pass. IMO Connect Animal is the superior choice. The timer is generous and unobtrusive. Very chill but not boring.

Love the concept, I spent my childhood playing games like this, but agree with others, it’s weird that the tiles just randomly shift to one side of the map every few turns. It’s not a challenge, it’s just an annoying inconvenience. Added challenge would be to have consistent but different physics every level, or for levels to be timed. Played for 10 mins, I think I’ll uninstall and find a different version of the same game instead.

It’s a cute game graphically but the moving tiles quickly became frustrating. It slowed me down and threw off my thought process which took away the fun for me. It is still a challenge without the tiles moving after each move, so I don’t know why that is a feature and so early in the game as well. Also, if you are expecting gameplay to be like the ad, spoiler alert, it’s not. So I also feel lied to as well. I will be uninstalling this now.

Fun, not too hard, just a relaxing, enjoyable game. Thank you!

Connect animals is a fun game to play. The colors and animals are fun to look for but don’t hop along to quickly cause you might miss your match. It cheers me up and under the weather it’s pleasant to play I say give it try can’t hurt

Enjoyable game. A little confusing at first but the tutorial helped.

All purchases work in playpass. Basically, it’s a simple mahjong game

Enjoyable to play. Like that I do not have to compete. Coinc are useless but I do like this game

It’s an ok game. It’s good to pass time. The constant shifting of the tiles is annoying.

Really enjoy this game, it’s hard to stop playing once you get the hang of it

I love it, before I realize it ,ive already played two hours straight,lol

the game is calmly fun and improve my focus I use to be a little bit unfocused but with this game i… no words just WOW AMAZING I DON’T CARE ABOUT THE ADS AND THE SIDE EFFECT IT’S JUST THE MOST CALMING GAME I’VE EVER PLAY hope this review helps tons of unfocused people❢

Simple and Cute. A match 2 game with cute animal faces and calm colors. Simple to understand, match 2 tiles but you only have three directional turns to match them in. No events, special contests, friends, or groups. 1 leaderboard of other goggle players who are playing, that’s it. I love it.

Fun, Cute but 4 stars. The game of Connect Animal is mahjong based and it’s easy to understand as the game instructions is well-made. The only problem is amount of ads unless having Google Play Pass in which disables ads. The graphics of each animal is cute looking and you cannot lose in each time instead it shuffles for you instead. Its fun for some time until it can be bored in some time.

Cute game. Very easy and I can see it as fun for smaller children. I suppose you want to make the longest path possible to collect the stars, but you don’t do anything with the stars. The pieces also randomly collapse to fill gaps. Sometimes they’ll collapse and sometimes they don’t and it’s not clear what causes that. It’s cute but boring.

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