Match The Emoji – A world of countless possibilities awaits you

[Game] Match The Emoji – Combine All

Match The EmojiThere are as many emojis as there are human emotions, and one for happy poo-poo, too! Use your creativity to match them in pairs, discover new ones and collect your finds until you become the greatest emoji master in the universe!

What riveting mysteries of the soul will you unshroud when you combine a happy smiley with a furious frown? What hidden feeling can emerge from the pairing of rolling eyes and a thumbs-up? Your curiosity must be hotter than a flame emoji by now!


COMBINE emojis to create new ones with simple, one-handed gameplay
DISCOVER more than 200 emojis!
PLAY with your wits with easy to learn, hard to master matching puzzles
EXPLORE the depths of the human soul (or of your emoji keyboard, at least)!

A world of countless possibilities awaits you! Are you a match for this challenge?

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Match The Emoji user reviews :

A great app! I like the whole design and the layout is very easy to understand. The graphics and animations are very smooth but it is very annoying to have to wait 5 minutes for 1 piece of energy. I end up not wanting to play because I know once my 10 pieces of energy are gone I have to wait almost half an hour to play again. Overall a great app but needs slight development.

This game is trash. It says, “if you don’t want to wait for energy”- which runs out easily, even when you just try to make an emoji but doesn’t mix-” go Buy some!” Yeah well it’s real deal money, and there is no game money. This game is super boring, barely any of them mix, and the energy is super expensive. Do not get this game. No idea why anybody would rate this any more than two stars at most.

I like the game and it’s idea but only having 10 merges? And I have some ideas to make it better No.1 if people get bored of combining minigames will help No.2 If People Like Finding Secrets add some Easter eggs like if you merge 10 emojis that won’t work something will say like: I’m pretty sure that won’t work maybe try something else? No.4 add features like if you get an emoji you will get a sound relating to the expression item ext. If you do that I will be the happiest man alive!!!!!!!

Listen to all the 5star reviews! You are probably umming and arring over whether you should download this or not. Maybe you won’t like it, but I’m sure you will. It’s an amazing game, I have it on all devices possible. Pls, give this a chance! It is soooo fun! Good job Tapps!

Great game good time waster and also can you make more games like this where you can merge different things e.g. emoji but using different things such as pokemon or animals but a really good game Btw i also downloaded more of Tapps games and they are amazing Pls take this into consideration thx I also finished the game so can you pls update because i need more emojis because i have 208/208 emojis so pls do more emoji combinations fast pls

Its very very fun and also happy my mom loves it too and when I m bored this makes me feel better but it is. Still a little bit hard because I get a lots of o-oohs so what ever person is playing i really really hope you have fun

Every time I play this a starter bundle pops up every time because I always play this everytime because its very very very fun but I cannot play this with ads anymore

This game is fun when I played it for a lot of time I thought that I played for 30 seconds and how ever made it ur the best and of course and emoji

Great just great.. I can’t even watch any ads to get energy Besides that I think it’s a decent game!

It is a nice game. But i get bored by this game afterwards. Please add some more hints so that people can enjoy this game more and more

The energy thing is annoying but like it’s kinda addictiveeeeeeeeeee

It’s cool but it’s kinda hard if you don’t know all the emojis.But overall it’s a great game

I love this game its incredible nut it could get a bit difficult but this game still deserve a 5/5 stars

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