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Merge FoodUnlucky events do happen to poor Jenna girl. Since her mother only left the run-down restaurant for her to renovate, she is now left on her own. How would you handle things if you were Jenna?

Remove the covers, wipe off the dust, and replace the restaurant’s furnishings, accents, and menu with all new stuff . Let’s design and see as it transforms from a dilapidated, unattended mess into an exceptional restaurant. Are you up for a thrilling culinary adventure? Together, let’s explore the world of culinary arts!

Every morning you wake up, you reborn. You and your restaurant will prosper again!

Reopen the first restaurant to start your journey, then continue on to open new eateries all across the world. Cafeteria, lounge, fast food restaurant, or upscale kitchen? Develop your culinary skills, explore design and renovation, and rise to the top of a prosperous restaurant chain.

Create a variety of delicious dishes and satisfy devoted clients!
Merging puzzle: Combine flours, ice cubes, ice-cream, hamburgers, and other appetizing items to make wonderful dishes from a variety of materials.
In order to continue providing your guests surprising treats, expand your cafe’s menu and learn endless new recipes.

Renovate and create your own restaurant design!
Create your ideal eatery right away! You’re going to remodel and furnish. You must create and decorate each space beautifully. You can put other stressed things out of your mind with the help of this entertaining merge game, become connect – tile puzzle master

Follow exciting new people and a tale.
To open more eateries, Jenna must overcome obstacles posed by competitors. A girl with a strong heart is unbeatable.

Come and take pleasure in rebuilding the wonderful and fantasy city of your dreams!
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Merge Food user reviews :

So far so good…honestly it’s too early to tell. Great graphics are a plus & easy game play but full spectrum of overall quality is yet to be determined. Not usually a good sign when developers asks you to rate so early in the game.

  • Your compliments make us have a wonderful day. We will continuously improve the experience for users in later versions. Let’s become a super chef in our merge game. Customers love you very much, your cafe and restaurant after being designed by your own hand will surely become famous.

I was enjoying it and then the ads came in. Yes, there are options to watch an ad for boosts but then there is also ads because ads. I’m fine with ads for boosters and I will use them, but ads just popping off whenever… ugh. Fun game, intrusive ads. People are happy to watch ads if they want to earn energy/money.

  • “Thank you for your feedback, we are always trying to bring the best gameplay experience to users. And there are many factors to maintain the game. The ads should disappear after any purchase of Ruby Packs. Please contact our support via “”Setting””, then “”Contact us””. We will try our best to help you. Anyway wish you all the best “

pretty fun so far, love the graphic! But would’ve been good if the game allows us to connect to email/Facebook to save our game progress

  • Thanks for your supporting. Many restaurants are waiting for you to decorate and renovate. Merge foods, serve customers tasty dishes, earn a lot of money to design more interesting things in your restaurant, you will attract more customers to eat there.

It was good, i literally stayed up all night playing this.. until i lost my progression. It made me angry, argh.. so frustrating cz i already merge them to the max but then it declined?!! It wasnt just once, but more than 4 times! Frustrating. Sigh.. well i hope the game can be LINKED TO FB OR GOOGLE PLAY. so i can save my progression. If i deleted it then wanna reinstall it later, at least i wont start again from the scratch. Gosh.. i lost my progression still made me angry.. sigh

  • Sorry for the inconvenience. We have found some bugs in the game and will work on fixing them in the next patch. Your information is very helpful to our production team, the following version will see improvements to the gaming experience for both you and other users. We hope you understand and continue to support us.

Access to merge the items. Designing a new area due to storm. Very fast moving, plenty of boosts and credited on each win pounds diamons energy boosts. This is the best way forward

  • We are very grateful that you enjoyed our game. Your restaurant will definitely be upgraded and decorated beautifully. Combine foods; serve ice cream, donuts,… and many more delicious dishes to starving diners. Wish you will have more fun while playing our game.

This game is so much fun. I’m addicted to playing merge games. I love the different stories.

  • Thank you for choosing our game. We hope you will keep your attention on Merge Food every day. Let’s COMBINE foods, SERVE dinners, and DECORATE, DESIGN and RENOVATE your ultimate restaurant

Fun and easy when you remember what makes the merge

  • It’s great that our game made you satisfied. Chef, let’s prepare, cook, and serve delicious meals from all over the world by merging foods. Your creativity when designing and renovating the kitchen will also surprise diners, and your restaurant will become the most outstanding place to eat. Wish you always have a good experience while playing game.

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