Merge Sweets – Fix the shop with Jenny

[Game] Merge Sweets

Merge SweetsHelp Jenny’s Old Bakery!

Jenny’s grandmother is in the hospital, and she has left her old bakery to Jenny.
The bakery is run down, and is in desperate need of care.
Fix the shop with Jenny by selling bread and purchasing new equipment!

Satisfy various customers by combining bread and fruit.
It is your objective to stabilize the business and enhance the bakery.

Tired of running things alone? Hire managers to increase profit and expand the building. Your neighbors and friends will be there to help!

Help Jenny to expand the building she inherited from her grandmother!


Renovate, repair and expand the old bakery!
Solve puzzles by combining bread, fruit, and jewels!
Add and explore new floors!
Level up to unlock the additional board game area!
Merge Sweets is a casual building expansion puzzle game set in an old bakery. It’s for anyone and everyone to play!

Reach us at help[at] for any inquiries regarding the game.

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Merge Sweets user reviews :

so far it’s nice BUT I’m constantly running into some items overlapping in one spot and it only let’s me use one of the items there with the other item not movable. The only way I can fix that spot is by relaunching the game………. Edit: Ok… now I’m losing one of the overlapped items and they have been high level items that I lost… I can’t play like this

  • We are aware of this bug and are working to fix it. It may be inconvenient until the update, but please restart the game.

I want to give this a higher score but it’s super glitchy and it’s costing me items or the basic ability to play and restarts aren’t even fixing it and we aren’t seeing the company make it up to us. Once that’s fixed I’ll probably change to 5 star because I do really enjoy it when it’s working right

  • Hello springcomes. Thank you for playing and rating our game. We will listen to what you have said and update it in a better way. Feedback on the game is always welcome. thank you

Great game, faster paced than others of its kind. Only issue I have is the bubbles, you can’t remove them unless you pay up or wait the timer so if you make lots of matches in a short time, a lot of space can be taken up by these bubbles.

Now this is why Korean games are the best. This is by far best merge game I have played so far, how this game differs from others is because the generator doesn’t run out of energy. You can keep collecting from it as long as you have energy. Because I play this game casually the energy output isn’t so bad. The sounds and music is nice and the graphics look good. Will update as I play more. Very simple game to play.

It’s a fun game. It’s new and I’ve had some lagging and glitching. I completely lost my cauldron somehow after it glitched. I restarted the app and it was just gone.

  • Hello Springcomes. We are very sorry for the inconvenience to make you enjoy the game. The issue has been reported to the development team. We will do our best to find the problem. thank you

Fun! Fun Fun! Having a blast with this game! Great deals in the shop right now! I’m having so much fun! I just wish the baskets lasted a tad bit longer. But it’s new so I totally expect them to tweak a few things!

Very simple but extremely fun game! If you’re looking for a merge game I would definitely recommend this one! They are very generous with the rewards when you’re a new player which surprised me a lot!

I’m currently at level 19 and suddenly when i open up the game, my level 4 paper bag generator is gone. And i have the request for the ice cream i couldn’t progress in the game like this. I won’t be playing it anymore at least until the dev fix this bug and give me back my level 4 paper bag generator.

  • Hello SpringComes. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the game. I think the issue you mentioned can be fixed with this update. A new updated version is currently out, so if you update it, the problem will be solved. Thanks for playing the game.

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