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[Game] MindPal – Brain Training

MindPalMindPal is your daily brain trainer that challenges your memory, attention, language, and problem solving skills.

Enjoy a personalized daily workout of entertaining games based on the skills you’d like to improve.

MindPal includes 40 educational games that train 7 key cognitive areas: Memory, Attention, Language, Math, Flexibility, Speed, and Problem Solving.

Track your progress and compare your brain scores with others now!


Over 35 games and 1000 levels to train your brain in different skills.
Personalized daily workout based on your training goals.
Expand your vocabulary and writing skills with word games.
Improve your memory, attention, math, and problem solving skills.
Track your performance and get smarter everyday!
Get in-depth insights and compare your scores to other users.

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MindPal user reviews :

Fun, challenging brain puzzles. I have played it every night for months now. Like another reviewer has stated i also have lost two streaks through no fault of my own. So far the number of ads are bearable. Why not have a deal on it though for the ones who use it all the time? Offer the membership at lower price and offer a way to be ads free with like a one-time price? I simply cannot afford to spend much money on mobile my rent has gone up, groceries are more expensive, etc.

It has a good variety of games that are both fun and challenging. It has helped the mind to be more engaged throughout the day and I waste less time on mindless things. Can tell an improvement in processing information, logical reasoning, reading, fine motor skills, and reaction time. There is a free version and a pay version. Have not tried the pay version, but the free version is decent. Only complaint is wish the free version would reduce the ads by at least 10% or 20%, if it did that

Absolute Favorite!!! My most favorite game. Originally downloaded because of 1 particular game, called “One Line.” I didn’t know it had other games to play. It measures your progress for a lot of different brain games. The only bummer of this game is, I paid for the subscription to unlock the other games and I had to insert an SD CARD for extra storage. After doing this, it deleted my game AND my subscription, wanting me to repay for it. When my original subscription didn’t expire until 9/22.

Good little brain exercises, with daily reminders to keep with it. Seeing some benefits from doing this consistently. Allows you to pause between exercises, and an option to swap between 2 choices on each (5 exercises per day). Was worth paying for the upgrade. I like the history tracking features where i can see where my strengths are and where i need to improve. Nice to be able to redo a round if you flub it badly. Great access to the exercises after completing the daily round, for practicing!

This was a 5 star app. After the most recent update, I lost a 180+ day streak and the ads are going to make this app unbearable. I get y’all need to make money but I’ve been using the free version for ~6 months with no ads and now they’re popping up when I open the app and between every game, I’m about to uninstall. I opened the app tonight and an ad popped up and wouldn’t go away so I had to close the app twice to even get to the games. Disappointed.

The games are fun and get my brain working without exhaustion. The fact that you can track your progress also encourages me to keep trying to improve each day. However, it has a tendency to cause my phone to freeze so I can’t play app for a long single time, I usually have to exit it and come back or in some cases force my phone to restart which is pretty frustrating. I’ve also never been able to unlock the locked levels each day, even when I do what is asked to unlock it (eg post this review)

Fairly fun. One downside is that a few of the challenges don’t account for your fingers blocking small moving parts. Also, in the word definition section, the words do not always fit the part of speech described. It seems very much like it was created by a non-English speaker. For instance it might say “Fit in” and the answer is “conforming” instead of “conform.”

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