Monster Survivors – Be the last player standing

[Game] Monster Survivors – PvP

Monster SurvivorsReady to put your skills to the test and survive the most frightening creatures to defeat your opponents? Monster Survivor: The Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Experience!

In Monster Survivor, you’ll face off against bats, skeletons, ghosts, and more in a race to be the last player standing. With each creature you eliminate, you’ll collect their souls and use them to power up, boost your skills, and unleash magic cards on your enemies. It’s a battle for survival, and only the bravest and most cunning players will emerge victorious.

Choose from a roster of unique characters, each with their own abilities, and use strategy and quick reflexes to dominate the competition. You can upgrade their skills as you win battles and compete against more powerful opponents. Show off your style with exclusive skins that you can use to customize your characters and stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, you’ll find a character that suits your playstyle. With every match, you’ll level up and unlock new arenas, game modes, and challenges to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Enjoy stunning 3D graphics, dynamic animations, and intense multiplayer action. This survival game is perfect for anyone who loves competition against other friends. Play solo or against other players from all over the world in a variety of game modes, including solo, team, and tournament play. Play the special events and challenges as well! Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-up-and-play experience or hours of in-depth strategy, Monster Survivor has something for everyone.

Download Monster Survivor now and see if you have what it takes to survive. Battle against the most fearsome monsters and creatures, use your skills and strategy to outwit your opponents, and become the ultimate Monster Survivor!

Main Features:

Casual and strategic gameplay for every player
Multiplayer competition
Customizable characters and unique skins
Dozens of special skills to level up
Lots of characters and interactions
Funny 3d graphics and great animations
Play online against other users
Special rewards and prizes after each battle

Monster Survivors user reviews :

Played season one and really enjoyed it. The gameplay is simple but has depth once you start going up the ranks. I purchased the battle pass which was reasonably priced. The game seems fairly original and is a nice blend of pvpve type gameplay. Games a quick and matchmaking has been working well.

  • Hi, Thank you for your rating! It is very important for us. We make a huge effort to always keep our players happy. Many thanks for your support! Best

well i cant play with people once i reached gold level i cant find other players and game never starts again sais searching forever

Great game, I really like the characters design and it’s super balanced and not p2win

  • Hi, Thank you for your feedback! We really appreciate it. We work very hard to give you the best possible experience in our games. Best

Bad support for this game they won’t fix the ms problem at middle east And add friend button mext to players name

  • Hi, We appreciate your rating! We’ll keep up the hard work to give you the best possible experience in our games. If you want to share further feedback for future updates or report a technical issue, please contact us through the in-game support chat. Best

Good gameplay but the game doesn’t support the auto rotation to your phone

  • Hi! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the community! We hope your comment could be useful for other players :) The team is always aware of your suggestions, and they will take your ideas into consideration for further updates. Best

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