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[Game] Moto City – Mad Bike Delivery

Moto CityHave you ever dreamed about working in the mad racing delivery service? Your dreams come true!

Load the goods & jump on your racing motorcycle: complete crazy delivering quests to become the best driver-courier in Moto City! Play the fun multiplayer open-world motorcycle racing game right now!


The crazier your drive, the more coins you get! Accelerate your racing bike, jump off the high ramps, and do a backflip! There are dozens of spectacular stunts you can do in this crazy racing bike game.


The whole city is your racing arena! Ride broad highways or narrow streets to find the most convenient way to deliver the goods. Learn Moto City and become the fastest motorcycle driver!


Gather your mates online and complete exciting quests together! Compete with each other or work in a team delivering good on your motorbikes. Enjoy the fun multiplayer bike racing game!


If you enjoy fun driving, stunt and traffic games or delivery tasks, you’ll definitely like the exciting in-game quests – deliver packages and become the stunt master at the same time!


Want to ride the most stylish bike in the world? Get your motorbike to the garage and express yourself! Color the parts, change wheels, or do any motos customization you like.

You will definitely love Moto City if you like bike driving games and racing moto simulators. Become the fastest deliveryman and the craziest biker in the city!

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on your motorbike and start delivering goods! Play the motorcycle simulator driving game with realistic physics for free! Become the fastest highway rider in Moto City!

Moto City user reviews :

This is the most favorite game is mine.but you have make this game offline also.then I played when no internet. Ok so please you make this game offline and online. I loved this game. And here very hangs and bugs so please you work on it

Hi I like to say that the graphics are beautiful and perfect but there is some problems for me. First the turning buttons are too fast and some small objects doesn’t have collision like plant pots for cooking example. It would also he great if you could add some water effects when landing on water for more immersion. And lastly why can’t I press the settings? Overall the games fine but could use some improvements.

Too many bugs and glitches. Once you start a mission, there is barrier and when you crash into that, you’ll be sent to the other side. And guess what, you need to crash again to go to the other side. There is also a lot of internet errors even when you internet is fast. Lastly, the buttons are not properly named.

It’s a promising game, but it seems to be like an Alfa or beta version yet. It doesn’t have any save syncing method, so there’s no cloud saving. Also, the missions are interesting, but we need a bigger variety of missions and tasks. It’d be also cool to play online with friends, maybe.

A very promising game. But there needs to be some development. Like a multiplayer development instead of everybody roaming around, a bigger map, character customization, the ability to turn around by choice. Please add something new or this will get boring

honestly a very chill game, i like how there’s no ads or in app purchases which is super cool and keep it that way. maybe a multiplayer mode would make it even better or adding more bikes and more delievery methods like sea ways or sky ways. I’ve unlocked both garages and all the bikes as well as found all the 200 bucks around the map and now there’s not much to do, maybe work on extending the map, ive literally memorized the entire map at this point. add more cities and characters.

It’s a great game overall but there are some issues 1 in some chase missions the target your supposed to be following just falls into to the ground and come backs after 40 seconds 2 The settings won’t work I keep tapping the setting options but it won’t open 3 there is no way to controll your bike when in air or doing a stunt

This game is really good and enjoyable . There aren’t any delivery games like this . Would be better if new bikes were added, other maps or this city map extended , hope to see new things in the future updates..Keep up the good work

I gave 4 stars because the game is having some bugs and there is no option to increase graphis,Sound etc THANK YOU

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