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[Game] Terrarium Garden Idle

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Terrarium Garden Idle  Try the most relaxing crop idle game: discover, collect and grow lovely plants to increase your oxygen income and expand your garden!

Let’s relax in this chill and cute mobile/idle game. You will see it’s the perfect new way to rest, get calm and zen without going to yoga!

Terrarium Garden Idle user reviews :

Weirdly satisfying; I think it’s from how fast you upgrade because of the scale of the point system. The rewards really make it enticing to watch ads. Two elements are really annoying though. While using thewatering bonus, a bird flies right in front of the plants you are pressing on, so you end up selecting to watch an ad. Then when you level up, if you press “collect” you still have to watch an ad. Why give us the other option to watch and ad if you are going to force us to watch one anyway??

I’ve played through all three worlds and gotten 1 of each plant all the way leveled up. It’s such a cute game, with a great interface. Its addictive, a simple, laid back game that fills my cottage core aesthetic needs. I’d leave a 5-star review if there wasn’t so many ads. I understand that it’s a free app and adsense is how they make money. However, to keep the experience enjoyable it has to have balance, especially to keep long time players wanting to come back. Overall, great game

I am a gardener. Love the game. It kills time. However you really can’t not get any of the deco. You have to buy everything. And there really is no real way to earn the pink stones or gems. You will spend 90% of the time tapping on flowers and watching adds. Unless you buy that you like. You will not experience the meat of the game. Which is in the form of an urban. That also includes all the cute odds and ends nomes. You will not get the full experience. That sucks.

I love this game, I’ve had for awhile. I stopped really playing because I’ve already gotten through what’s available. Everytime I check to see if the new worlds or event has come yet it’s not there. I’ve been waiting for more to this game for months. I would really like to see the other worlds and event

I don’t know if it’s just an “idle game” thing but this game really gets in the way of all the ads they want to show you and you’ll see them even if you choose not to. You can look at a “plant” longer driving next to a park than on this game before it shoves another ad in front of you.

There’s not a lot to this game, but that’s what I was looking for this time. I didn’t want to feel pressured to keep up with constant quests or challenges. The art is so appealing, I wish I could pause the game to take a screenshot to use as my wallpaper. That’s really my only complaint about it. Sweet game!

Beautiful little game. It’s very relaxing and all the levels are achievable with little work. There aren’t too many ads, and if you are short on oxygen you can get good deals of 10k oxygen by just watching one ad. Simple and addictive. Love it, five stars.

The ads are pretty annoying, but initially it seemed ok. Theres nothing to this game. In a few weeks i was able to earn enough to buy all plants, amd after that it wemt nowhere. There is nothing to be done. Its wierd. I still played it, watched a million ads, but i still hate how mind numbing it is.

I love the app! It is so cool to have your own plant collection! But there are a few things that could use fixing. First: after you get the fruits and vegetables world, it takes FOREVER to upgrade/ buy plants! We should be able to have options to get more oxygen, OR the cost should be lowered significantly. Second: there should be a way to get free gems, even if it is minimal. Like a mini game or something. Other than that the app is great and I’ll keep playing!

I really like this game. I’ve played all sorts of games, but this one is very rewarding. I just got the flu, so laying back, tapping oxygen into my plants, and choosing to let ads play for more oxygen while I’m half drowsy is easy. I can have all the plants I can’t actually keep in real life.

Hello I have had your game for a while and I enjoy it so much! However I feel you can add things to make it a 5 star experience. I personally would love a feature where you can name your plants,I think that would be so cute! Also I’ve noticed a lot of world’s say coming soon maybe (if you need idea’s) you can have an aquatic world where you plant water plants. Thank you! Hope this helps.

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