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[App] Deep Sleep Music – Sleep Sounds

Deep Sleep MusicTrouble to fall asleep? Suffer from insomnia?

No problem!
Use this free sleep app. You can relax & sleep with sleeping sounds, rain sounds, meditation sounds, brown noise and white noise, and much more. Enjoy the high quality sleep sounds and wake up refreshed. Gain a high-quality sleep you never had!

Deep Sleep Music: Sleep Sounds can help you:
Easy to fall asleep, relieve insomnia, tinnitus
Improve mood, ease anxiety and stress
More focused
Rainy Mood for a Calming Day

Highlight features:
High quality soothing sounds
Sleep better
Sound machine for sleeping
Ambient Sounds for deep sleep
Customizable atmospheres
Help against snoring
Sleep meditation
Simple and beautiful design
High quality and clear relaxing sound for sleeping
Timer – so the app turns off automatically
Beautiful background images
Works offline (No internet connection needed)

This sleeping music app is designed to help people reduce sleep anxiety and stress through meditation sounds and sleeping sounds.

Deep Sleep Music: Sleep Sounds app includes a collection of over 70 high quality sounds to help you relax & sleep. Download now and get your best night’s sleep.

Deep Sleep Music user reviews :

A certain pay app that adverises heavily reminded me that a decade ago, I used to use a flash web app for something similar off my desktop. Naturally, I thought I should see what I might find. This app is wonderful. It doesn’t choke on airplane mode (an absolute necessity,) and it’s fairly extensive library helped me feel like home, even though the kitten purr sounds like she has two thoats sometimes. I just wish I could transition sound over time, like light rain, heavy, light, then birds.

I needed to fall asleep and relax so I started the app and it shows me an ad of a game where a zombie with rotted flesh hanging off it’s face gets stabbed through the chest and it’s head blown off. Very relaxing.

Beautiful and mesmerizing sounds. They do work for relaxation. I also play the sounds for my cats when they get aggressive to break them up. Ha, ha, and have fun watching their reactions.

It was good. I enjoyed most of it. However, the sounds would ever so slightly pause it was only a half a second or so, then continue. I guess it was on some kind of loop? All in all, it got the job done. I fell asleep . Thank you.

Amazing, wonderful this is the best compared to the other ones. I mean you can also make ur own sounds by just pressing 2 or more of the sounds. I just love it

I really like it, but it has a dead space. Probably where you loop around to repeat.

I like the app and sounds I would have given it a five except you cannot control individual volume of each sound

The sounds I selected are true sounds and not fabricated.

Great except for the break when it loops back around

It really helps me to relax. Highly recommend everyone to download, its free so why not? I use this app every night and absolutely love it!!!

Slept better than ever before made my own mix of sounds. My boyfriend woke up thinking rain all night and for the first time actually slept through the night great app

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