My Town Bakery – Open your very own Bakery

[Game] My Town Bakery

My Town Bakery

The ultimate Bakery Game for Kids – Start Baking right away

There is a tasty new addition in My Town and it’s time for your favorite characters to start baking in a fully interactive bakery! In this game, you will get to open your very own Bakery and baking cakes for the people in My Town! There will be customers coming, so you’d better get baking right away! Bake the perfect cake for the next birthday party, customize decorations and choose the perfect flavor. Maybe someone would like to have a pizza party – bake that pizza pie, grab your delivery driver and enjoy the pizza while it’s still hot.

The My Town : Bakery – Baking Game for Kids has SEVEN new locations to explore! There is the bakery, a pizza shop, a park for outdoor birthday parties and even an own apartment for you! No matter where you choose to start your dollhouse adventure, there are HOURS of baking fun ahead!

My Town : Bakery – Cooking & Baking Game for Kids Features

New Characters – If you have any of the My Town doll house games, you can bring your characters from those games over to My Town : Bakery to have a bake off.
Your kids can bake a cake and enjoy it too!
If you are just starting out with My Town, no worries! You can create your own characters inside My Town : Bakery
We update our older games every month, so please wait for the updates to connect these games to this Baking Game for Kids
The ability to save your progress and continue baking where you left off next time
Multi-touch Feature: Bake with your friends and family on the same device!

Anything is possible. If you can imagine it, you can bake it in the doll house bakery by My Town.

Recommend Age Group
Kids 4-12: My Town games are safe to play even when parents are out of the room.
Younger kids will enjoy baking cakes together with their parents while the older kids can play this digital doll house game alone or with friends using our new multi touch feature!

My Town Bakery user reviews :

This game is amazing I am a girl and this is like a best game of my town but there is a problem I don’t know why but I can’t see ads??? To unlock dresses and to unlock more people’s so please fix it and otherwise I love this game Thx

I don’t know what has happened. There are no ads for days and I’m not able to play with the character that unlock with ads. And this complain is not only in this game but all the games that you made. Please fix it. I love my town but not with this bug.

I really like this game it’s fun but only one problem not all the characters are unlocked so that is why I gave you four stars but I love all the games of my town

This game is good but there is a problem we cannot see adds for dress or other items

I wouldn’t say this is a bad game but I wouldn’t say it is good first let’s start with the good it has soo many different styles of cakes which are really great and for the bad reason is the bakery should be a bit bigger and make it like icing and adding cream and make it a bit more realistic I understand that things cost money I still love the game and can’t stop playing it. But Its still a good game.

I really like this game.I gave it 4 star because 1 problem is some of this character are locked. please solved it

This game I love all towns game but problem is I can’t connect with my town home if I buy anything from bakery I want to bring at home but it’s not connecting so please please fixed I also don’t want to delete this game

Thank you so much for making this game becuase it so reminds me of barbies all of the other games to. Unfortunately I do not have enough data to install all of your games. But all of the games iv’e tried and tested are amazing. Please let everyone not watch adds and please just let the characters be free. And if not please make everything cheaper. Other wise i like it.

It’s just amazing the app is sooo good and everything is so fun you can make pizza and there are even cakes thst u can design yourself! Install now

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