Navier HUD Navigation – New navigation concept

[App] Navier HUD Navigation changed to Navier HUD 3

Navier HUD NavigationSupports Dartrays HUD device now, check it out here

For Navier HUD 2 users
Navier HUD 2, will have no further maintain, is replaced by 3, but you can download Navier HUD 3 for free from your order history or the below link, and no need to purchase Navier HUD3.
Navier HUD 2 link :

NOTE: Needs network connection for navigation features

NAVIER HUD – New navigation concept

Navier HUD is a navigation App designed to use for the HUD (Head-up display) and helps drivers put attention on the road when driving. The driving information is projected onto the windshield by reflecting the smartphone screen while putting the phone in front of the vehicle’s windshield.

Navier HUD is an information provider for driving. It contains a customizable layout, which is able to put widgets they care and remove what they don’t care. Navier HUD calculates the real-time information via the phone sensor, such as GPS and gyroscope. Meanwhile, Navier HUD supports to acquire the vehicle data from OBD2 Bluetooth adapter. Through the data from OBD2 protocol, the information, such as vehicle’s speed, engine RPM, and engine coolant temperature can be shown through the interface and which is more accurate than the data from sensors of the smartphone.

Safer driving

Navier HUD (head-up display) projects navigational instructions on the windshield, effectively providing essential information to the driver without having to take your eyes off the road.

Turn-by-turn navigation

The navigational instructions are designed to be read clearly in HUD mode. Simple instructions and signals are the main goals here. Turn-by-turn speech instructions are supported (not all languages).

OBD2 support

You can acquire information via the OBD2 dongle on your car, such as the runtime speed, revs, and fuel level.

Usable for different vehicles

Navier HUD can be used for driving, biking, jogging… You can switch between HUD and normal mode for regular use on a phone holder.

Customize your layout

Navier HUD lets you create your own panel layout with parts like a compass, routin

Navier HUD Navigation user reviews :

Excellent concept for night time driving, however the GPS and navigation are lackluster. Slow to update at times and the re-routing is wonky. It was asking me to make U-turns (not ideal in any scenario, just re-route to the next best turn) by stating “turn left onto [adjacent street name]” it was very visible with a larger screen phone and an OLED display. If they could somehow integrate Google maps or Waze directly into the app it might be perfect. The home screen should default to navigation.

A few annoyances in an otherwise cool app! I love how it worked straight away with my OBD2 Device! First annoyance is that when driving, the map constantly flashes, it’s very distracting, the grid appears and disappears giving the illusion of a flashing map. Second annoyance is that the premium upgrade looks to cost $300?! Or $30/month?! There’s no way I’d pay that for an app that won’t actually program my trucks ECU! I’m thinking a full license and cable for HP tuner software is about $300!

Good app, yet…, as one other reviewer has mentioned, it is useless to use its navigation UI during the day in HUD mode, because map has dark background. I downloaded a free version, thus i am not sure if the premium one has an ability to switch to day mode, as for example Google Maps allow, or somehow to theme the map so it can be used during daylight as well. Bottom line is that without a good HUD support this app is no match for Google Navigation app. Please do something.

This app has finally taken a turn for the better. Several updates within last couple months have fixed some issues. Verbal turn for turn directions still need changes to English language abbreviations, but otherwise overall great improvement

Pretty neat. GPS is nice. However, I don’t feel it’s clear enough which street to turn on. Maybe have the other options to proceed darkened out. Show more of the road map? Do i really need to have a destination to use navigation features? Yes*sigh. The Voice directions are nice. Although I wish they would take audio priority so other apps could react; pausing for instance. Great over all! Love the customization, the different set ups are endless! Use it a lot. HUD feature is the most awesome feature.
  • Whilerain Studio
  • You may like to try my another app “Corner HUD” which shows all the road map when navigation. It shows all the road map even if you don’t want to set a destination.

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