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[Game] Ninja Hero – Epic fighting arcade

Ninja Hero  Ninja hero is a full-fledged ninja theme fighting game.

The game abandons the “fool-type operation” of other fighting game skills like “one-click release” and uses a double rocker operation to make you have an extraordinary operate experience on a small mobile phone. Unlock different moves to get combos by upgrading weapons. Also here are hundreds of different weapons and different upgrade modes of various characters waiting for your explorations.

The villagers of Ninja Village were lived in a harmony. They had not seen war for thousands of years and had never seen flesh and blood.But one day, a mysterious organization blood washed the whole village. The leader of Ninja Village was tracing the culprit with only a few clues. What kind of secretive secrets will be revealed behind this? Hurry up to download the game and check it out…..

The development team has took three years to build this top-level fighting game:
Ultra-rich equipment system:
1. four kinds of game weapons(continuous update):
Great Sword
Ultra-high attacking giant sword while the attack speed is somewhat slow, low flexibility

The most balanced weapon with no obvious weakness. However, there are no obvious advantages as well.

Ultra-high attack speed with high ultra-breaking. Adversely, the scope of the attack is small and the operation is difficult.

Far distance of attacking with a less damage. Novice players are not recommended.

2.Different weapon with different characteristics are. You can choose the most suitable equipment according to your preferences, and every equipment has different levels: white-blue-green-yellow-orange-violet.

3.There are different extra attributes for the same product level, so that you can equip with unlimited possibilities.

Diverse character growth lines
Rich characters: attack, defense, crit chance, crit damage, break defense, blood recovery, etc., Everything from soup to nuts. Also every upgrade will get property growth points. Different routines for you to choose. To be defense flow? crit flow?

Extraordinary blow experience and combos system
Abandon the traditional one-key-release skill mode, so that simple moves can be released through the combination keys, which allows you to get a better game experience, also the upgraded weapons will unlock different moves, be the combo master!

Well-designed levels
Every time you enter the level, you’ll feel a crisis.
Every time you pass the checkpoint, you are relieved.
Each upgrade will make you feel full of accomplishment.

Creative boss
Every move of each boss or even creeps, we all have been pondering the study, to ensure that they will leave you a deep impression.

What are you waiting for? Come to download!
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Ninja Hero user reviews :

Love the game my only issue is that you can not use other weapons without paying real money and that every time I try to log into the endless or arena mode it tells me time out and check my connection when I know my connection is good but the gameplay is amazing action and excitement

Fun title and gameplay, however it is plagued by in-app purchases for every little tiny thing you do and also by poor English translations thus making it very difficult to play and understand what’s going on. The game has great potential if they’d ease up on the in-app purchases and work on fixing the translations. Instead of paying money to unlock a weapon, maybe watch a short ad. Just an idea…maybe I’ll come back later to see if the game progressed any by getting rid of/ fixing said flaws.

This game seems great! …. until I unlocked the first non-story mode. The game crashes every time I try it, and the tutorial forces me to try it. So I can’t play this game anymore, I guess. I hope you’ll fix it, because it was fun while it lasted.

Gameplay is great! The art is very good! The sounds are just great! Problem is the game constantly crashing on entering endless mode. I’m going to uninstall this now since I can’t pass that part.

I am having trouble with the endless mode every time the game loads the endless level I press start and the game sends me to my home page and runs off I would like to keep playing the game but it always sends me home I have made 2 profiles now that do the same thing is there a way to fix it and play through more of the game

It would be best if the Devs fix the crashing issue when entering Endless Mode. Overall, i love it. Please do an update as soon as possible.

this game actually isn’t that bad if am not to mention arena mode which is why I reduced the 1 star could the devs plz allow the player to play and not the game play for you because not only does it irritate me but it makes me angry at first I was chill with it I decided it was still fun anyways but then I went and upgraded my character by grinding hard to get his power over 5000 yet I lost to someone with a power of 4000 and all the rest I lost to were below my power yet I lost plz fix this

Love the concept of the game but the futher i play the slower it get’s. Need to improve some minor bug . I’ll try the setting from high to low grafic still its getting slower and slower even reinstalling it got the same problem..

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