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Node VideoNode Video is one of the most powerful video editing app for mobiles. With many revolutionary features, you can create amazing effects you never imagined!

Extremely powerful and flexible.
Limitless Layers & Groups.
Precise Video Editing & Rich Possibilities.
Super Fast Rendering.
Various Editing Tools are available: Timeline, Keyframe animation, Curve Editor, Masking, Color Correction, etc.

Revolutionary Audio Reactor.
Visualize your audio to anything. Every parameter of every effect&property is controllable by the audio spectrum.

AI Powered Features.
Automatically separating Human&Background in real time!
More Features Coming Soon!

3D Renderers.
Mapping your videos & images to 3D models.

Professional Effects and Presets.
Get new effects and presets regularly, only for Pro subscribers.

Currently included Effects/Properties
Blend Mode
Motion Blur
Luma Fade
Lens Flare
Fractal Noise
Time Remap
Basic Color Correction(Exposure, Contrast, White Balance, etc.)
4 Color Gradient
Shift Channels
Camera Lens Blur
Gaussian Blur
Cross Blur
Directional Blur
Radial Blur
Motion Tile
Find Edges
Displacement Map
Lens Distortion
Polar Coordinates
Clipping Mask
Human Matting
Shape Mask
RGB Curve
HSL Curve
Color Wheel
Old Movie

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Node Video user reviews :

it’s an amazing app. I’m a tiktok editor and I’ve been using the pro version for almost a year. it really helps me and has some great effects. I’m just curious; do you know why it went up in size? A little while ago it was only around 300-400 mega bytes, now it’s 1 gigabyte and I struggle with storage a lot.

Well it’s a very cool app. But there is a problem that cannot be ignored, which is that saving videos is very slow.Literally, I tried to save a 6-second video, and it took me more than five minutes, so it is difficult to save long videos, for example 20 or 30 seconds. It takes a very long time, and this is a very negative thing in the application. If this problem removed, I am sure that the number of users of the application will increase. Please fix the problem, thank you.

When I used the text option for the first time, the tab appears to be fine but when I use the text option for the second time, the text is not visible. I tried changing the color and opacity but nothing happened. To use the text feature again, I had to delete the app data.

I genially love node video smmmmm! Ive been using it for about a year now and it does not disappoint. Ive been using it to make edits (mainly typography edits) and its stunning. I do want to point some things out though… First off, whenever I import a 3d animation (roblox avatar and an animation I make) SOMETIMES some body parts disappear ;-; Also please add more cube options (like a cube that opens) its very tedious to keep making a cube by hand for that. other than that its amazing!

the best editing app I’ve ever use ive been using it for a month and it has no ads you can also use some slowmo without paying anything or watching ads all free

this app is amazing it’s basically after effect, but for mobile, I’ve been using it for 1 or 2 years. It’s really the best mobile editing app ever

This amazing video editing app has so many LIFE SAVING effects! My cc looks way better by adding some effects from Node video! Its also easy to use!

This is the worst app for editing videos that I have ever seen. It’s just funny that this app is trying to be Adobe Premiere for Android, but it can’t even do what the simplest mobile editor app can do. It lags all the time, and you can’t work on 1080p videos. If you try, it will take you a century to upload an effect and even longer to save the video. There are only a couple of effects you can use, and many of them require a subscription.

Great editing app but it’s pretty complicated and there’s a lot of thing you can do it’s like a mobile premier pro

This is a very good editing app complicated at first but when you get used to it,it’s just so good also the effects are the best thing,there are effects than you’ve never seen in any other editing app except nodevideo this app is so good keep up the good work!

Really Good App, Just Make It Compatible For Midrange Phones & Add a Editing Section For Photo’s Too, So We Can Add Glow’s & Effects On Photos Too.

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