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VelomingoYou are new to editing and you want to make advanced velocity edits? No worries, Velomingo got you covered.

With Velomingo Velocity Edit Maker, you don’t need to create the whole edit from scratch. You only need to select the velocity template you like out of hundreds of velocity templates and add the media and music. The rest is done by Velomingo and you have a cool velocity edit! Share the edit on your social media and make your followers wonder how you got those editing skills.

3-step video editing:
Select the template you like
Add photos/videos to templates
Add music to your video

Perfect beat timing for your music videos
Mesmerizing slow-mo
Smooth velocity
Hundred of advanced templates
HD video export

Stay tuned for the updates.

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Velomingo user reviews :

This is a great editing app but now I realise why I deleted this app in the past when I downloaded it and added an video and started adding effects It loaded quick the first time but then another loading popped up and it wasn’t loading so please fix the app.

The app constantly crashes 24/7 I have no idea why, halfway toward the end of the video loading, it crashes and it’s very frustrating, and when I try again it crashes. Also one of the templates don’t let me save it? It isn’t marked as “pro” but it won’t let me download it I didn’t see anything that could let me UPDATE th app so it’s definitely a bug. It’s been going on for a long time it’s quite annoying- they also glitch out most of the time, I deleted the app and got it again instead.

It’s good when you first try it but the ads are to much! They come every time you exit out of the editing and it’s pretty annoying, Also the effects aren’t loading so that’s another red flag for me. I don’t know why but every time the app kicks me out of the editing when I try to add effects. Overall 3 stars but would’ve been 5 if the effects worked more.

Im gonna give it a 2 just because i know that the producers put alot of work into it. But apart from that it always freezing/glichting and then it turns into a black screen. It also take like 5 to 10 mins to load a template and then it doesn’t work which can get really frustrating. Pls work on some improvements.

Honestly this app is a waist of time one is that when I try to edit a video and I pick out a effect then I’m waiting till it loads it doesn’t load at all it just crashes a lot for some reason and I hate how laggy the app is it’s a really good app but is laggy and crashes a lot I really hope they fix this problem it really would be good for us to use

This application is honestly so bad. When i’m clicking the edit I want to do, it takes about 5 mins to load and when it finally finishes loading, the edit literally TURNS BLACK. It’s honestly a very very terrifying application and I do not recommend you to play or install this application cause it’s a waste of time.

This app is good but it need some improvements i mostly make edits i thought of using this velocity app for my edits so i used this apps but in this u can only make 8-9sec videos and it takes a lot of time to use the effects which i find frustrating pls fix this issues atleast 15sec video should be made…hope u guys fix it up.

It is good but when I click complicated presets it crashes for me, I’m on android and when I press on a preset that’s more complicated it loads and it crashes, please fix this! Thank you.

I like this app and it’s a good app but the reason I gave this 2 stars is that it’s not the best app as you can’t make your own template etc; and also the fact that ya have to get the premium thingy to remove the watermark I found that very annoyin.. But overall it’s a good app for instant edit

Don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing app but it doesn’t show my video when I save it to my device it’s just a black screen or the templates just doesn’t work can you please fix this

It’s really good. All the replies really have an old phone because I have no issues and the best is the app literrally syncs with the music. Best easy editing app

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