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[Game] Ocean Match

Ocean MatchDive into the amazing underwater world of Ocean Match!
Play match 3 puzzle games with all your lovely fish friends in those beautiful aquariums designed by yourself!

Match 3 or more colorful pieces in order to clear the game board and solve exciting puzzles, receive free coins for unlocking new fish and decorations, design a cozy home for your lovely fish friends and get powerful boosters to continue your match 3 puzzle saga!

Game Features:
Tap to swap for match 3! Fun to play yet challenging to master!
Complete tons of match 3 levels and unlock new aquariums & fish!
Collect lovely fish and decorations for your own aquariums!
Decorate aquariums for fish that each has their own personality!
Powerful boosters to blast your way to the next match 3 level!
Brain trainer and time killer for everyone who loves puzzle games!
Enjoy the awesome ocean graphics in the ocean match 3 puzzle!
Free match 3 puzzle games! Free to download and fun to play!
Offline game! Internet free! Play anywhere without internet or wifi!


Ocean Match is free to play and filled with endless fun and challenging match 3 puzzle games! All your fish friends are calling you! Download now and start swapping for endless fun.

We want to hear from you! Any idea for Ocean Match, please contact us through SUPPORT in the game settings or write us at: OceanMatch[at]linkdesks.com

Thank you for your support! Let’s have a blast in Ocean Match!

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Ocean Match user reviews :

I’m finding that it’s very easy to get stuck on a level. It would help to have a ‘reminder’ button for which each item does. Like when you begin something new, only available all the time. 2 days on this level, and I can’t figure out what the right combination, and how many matches needed to release the square. Love the fish and aquariums but it gets frustrating when no idea what doing wrong and no reminder page or place to check. Also, customer support doesn’t add link in email. Must come here.

  • Hello, thank you for reporting this issue to us. We will seriously optimize the level experience. For any other questions or feedback, please contact us: oceanmatch[at]linkdesks.com We are always ready to help!

I am new to the game but it seems like a great game, no adds, you can make 5 mistakes before you run out of lives. It is also a decorating game with puzzles to solve. They don’t pressure you to buy anything. You can play unlimited games as long as you can solve the puzzles

  • Hi, Thank you for your support, it’s such an encouragement to us! We hope you keep enjoying this game! Have a good day!

Great game with super graphics. I can play it for hours. You easily get points to buy fish and decorations for your ocean. The only thing I don’t like is when you buy decorations, they all go in one spot on top of each other. It would be better if they were spread out. LinkDesks, thanks for letting me know the decorations can be dragged and placed where you want them. My ocean looks better now.

  • Hi, thank you very much for your feedback! You can drag objects in the scene to change their positions! Hope to help you!

What I love most about this game is there’s actually a point. Unlike matching games where you just keep goi g through evermore difficult levels, in this game, you’re building an aquarium, and that makes the reward system more fun than just getting rewarded with more frosted doughnuts to play with.

  • Hello! Thanks for your support! We’re glad you like the game! Don’t forget to recommend this game to your friends! Let’s have fun and enjoy the game together!

Just started and its a relaxing game. Just jumped as a big bear appeared out of no where. UPDATE… LEVEL 110 NO ADS… NO CONSTANT PRESSURE TO BUY Great graphics So fun and relaxing No stress to get to next levels Love the electric eels, the fish, the decorations!!!

  • Hi, Thank you for your support, it’s such an encouragement to us! We hope you keep enjoying this game! Have a good day!

I downloaded this game because of a review saying the game was too hard and the only way to get through the levels was to put money in the game. I wanted to see if it was true. And trust me it’s not. I’ve had this app for little over a month, and I’ve not put no money in it, and didn’t fully run out of my lives till today. It took level 391 to get me to lose all my lives. This is a game that you can get passed the levels without putting money in it. It’s a fun game to play.

  • Hello, thank you for your support, it is a great encouragement for us! Hope you continue to enjoy this game! I hope you enjoy yourself!!!!!!

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