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Happy Merge HouseHappy Merge House, this is a fun and easy merge &building game, you can merge all kinds of novel and interesting items in the game, then build a dream town. Items can be seen everywhere here, you just need to lightly press and drag, combine two identical items to create more advanced ones.

The higher the item level, the higher the value, use them to build your dream home!

How to play:
1. Click to produce a variety of items, tap and drag to merge two identical items together and produce a more advanced item
2. You can get rewards by merging the items in the quest
3. Use the rewards to renovate and decorate your houses to create your own town

Game Features:
1. A variety of items will never let you get bored, and the next step of merge will always bring you different surprises
2. Choose beautiful furniture, floors and wallpapers for your building, with a variety of decoration styles, there is definitely one you like the most
3. The color design of the game makes people comfortable, the background music is relaxing and pleasant.
4. Exercise your fingers, improve your skills and strategy, the same can be done in this merge puzzle game
5. There is no time limit, you can merge at any time, you can also stop and think about the next action, and play the game at your own pace
6. Vivid story line, you can also experience the wonderful game story while playing the game

If you are a lover of merge matching and decoration games, don’t miss this game! The synthetic elements are ever-changing, the decoration style of the town is varied, the shape of the carpet, the matching of the furniture, the color of the walls… it’s all up to you! Create your dream town in Happy Merge House!

Happy Merge House user reviews :

this seems fun and interesting but it is quickly going to get tedious due to the neverending mergers to get to the item task. Running out of energy and resources to keep things progressive. These kinds of games are almost all the same. I thought this one would be different but it is not. It’s easier to uninstall than it is to play.

  • Thank you for playing the game and active suggestion. We value your feedback, and will investigate the feasibility of your suggestion and keep on working hard to improve the game. If you have any ideas, please feel free to contact us in the game.

So far, the tutorials are very frustrating, it keeps telling me to merge things even after having already told me how to merge. Also annoying that after a while it doesn’t let me look at any of the house, it just stays stuck at the place with the next thing to fix. The art is good though

  • Thank you for playing and loving the game. We are working hard on the new levels, they will be released as soon as possible. It is our honor that you have fun with the game. We are appreciated to your patience and understanding! Have a nice day!

I love this game. I’ve only just started playing and so far it’s awesome, however, after about half an hour on it, it’s starting to glitch REALLY BADLY. So bad that my phone froze on me, almost had to restart my phone. Not good. Please please please please please get rid of whatever bug is on this game. I really hope that you get back to me on this because I really do not want to uninstall it. Thank you and I hope this is fix soon

Enjoying this game so far, it can get a little tedious merging, as it takes so long to get certain items. The free gifts help so much, just a shame there are so many ads. I’ve been waiting days for a new update, so I’m so stuck doing nothing, really. Hopeful the update will be soon.

I really enjoy this game. 5 star because there is such great detail to all parts of it. there is videos involved but you get great rewards so for 1 video u get 2 free rewards on the gift rush. it is very much worth the watch. overall a very amazing merge game. I would easily say one of the best around.

I like it a lot, but i’ve found some bugs: I can’t turn the music off and sometimes some game instructions keep appearing in the screen.

The game was fun while it lasted. Have to wait for an update to unlock the next area, I see this as an incomplete game. Also, there is a front part of the “map” or “property” that you never renovate even though you have renovated the areas right next to it. Again, this game was fun, but I see it as incomplete.

  • Thank you for playing and loving the game. We are working hard on the new levels, they will be released as soon as possible. It is our honor that you have fun with the game. We are appreciated to your patience and understanding! Have a nice day!

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