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PaperSpanPaperSpan : Your articles ready for you to read or listen – while you wait, commute, walk, cook, whenever.

No ads, No suggestions – Save articles of your own interest, and app should help finish reading them. Comfortably.

Carefully designed search, sort, and filters to easily pick the article you need.
Choose a category matching your mood. Interested in health articles now? Choose Health. You don’t have to assign the category in advance, the app does this for you.
Take up on your pending reads by opening Unread articles alone. Short waiting time? Pick those short articles by reading time.

Save from your desktop, iPhone, iPad, or Android. Read them in a clean and easy to read format for a comfortable and focused reading.

Read, listen, or manage those articles even if your device is offline. App will automatically sync when your device is back online.

Highlight those important phrases as you read. Keep the essence of your reading and refer whenever you need.

Love the Kindle reading experience? Send articles to your Kindle device (or app) and read them at your own pace.

Search & Sort to quickly find an article. Organize with folders. Adjust your reading settings with dark/light theme, fonts, brightness, and more!

Pick articles by your mood at the moment. Your articles already have their category assigned. Choose Health related articles or Science if you are in that learning mood.

Capture the gist out of an article you just read – your summary of lessons learned, thoughts you got out of an article. Keep the record to re-read yourself anytime or share to your notes app.

Listen to articles while you walk, cook, or commute with in-app text to speech.
You don’t have to trade your productive time for your web reading.

PaperSpan is here to support your web reading & productivity – to use the web for better you.

Got something to say? Feel free to drop us a line! We’re always listening to your suggestions to improve PaperSpan!

PaperSpan user reviews :

This is very promising. We desperately need good development of Android read later apps. At the moment, it is missing pagination and capacity to export highlights. Let’s hope it improves.

Doesn’t share the articles, would share one article then immediately for other articles says ‘need internet connection’ while I’m connected to a strong network. Fix it, sharing is really difficult.

This app really fills a need for those like us that like to pull up a hundred articles to read on the bus but then run out of data!

Whenever I share an article it says it needs Internet to save..and doesn’t save…although I have full Internet access… It is a fantastic app and I want to move to it from pocket…hope the above bug is sorted in next update…

Reluctantly downloaded this app to replace Pocket since Pocket has terrible offline downloading issues on Android. I like to listen to my articles as well so I was happy to see this app had that functionality. Better still, you can even listen to articles from certain places by just tapping the text at the point to start. One feature I’d like to see is the option to adjust the read stored when listening but it’s a small issue and can be done in your system settings.

Great substitute to Pocket and Instapaper, as it provides all the basic features like highlighting and annotations, auto-categorising and offline viewing for free. The ad-free experience is a cherry on top. However, videos in portrait mode appear cropped in text view. Also, please add pagination for a better reading experience.

Wikipedia article is not getting saved properly. But happy with the app.

Works well, love the one tap save. One feature that’s super important for me is an option to always open the link in browser or related app (YouTube app for YouTube links for example). If that was added I’d use this so much. Thanks!

Latest Update :

Minor improvements and bug fixes.

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