Parkour Craft – Use your speed to race with your friends

[Game] Parkour Craft – Online PvP

Parkour Craft  Play online parkour block maps with your friends.

Craft your own games with map editor and enjoy multiplayer pvp with other players.

You can climb towers, mountains or use your speed to race with your friends in 3d parkour maps.

Use creative mode to make your own maps and games and discover new places.

Jump, climb, race with awesome FPS graphics.

Challange your parkour skills with multiplayer pvp servers. Use build mode to make new levels to play with online players.


Play block parkour maps online with your friends
Speed Craft new maps with easy to use map editor
Enjoy deathrun parkours with traps
Escape parkours with labyrith style layout
Speedrun parkours with competitive daily scoreboards
Jump, fall, run craft with awesome pixel graphics
Best pvp games with Multiplayer PvP Servers
Advanced parkour simulator with easy FPS controls
User made minigames

Parkour Craft user reviews :

So, i try to upload my map and i hate the new update because you need to complete your map before uploading your map. But, even if i complete map in map editor, it still doesnt let me upload. And, the win block is very far away in my map but if i go down then it forces me to go back to start. Please fix the new update, many players cant upload/update maps.

ITS A BEST GAME EVER .i remember when i found this game when i was challenging,with players and +100s of obby(if you want to get challenge,stop being lonely or want the same obby game like roblox then you can play this game with lots of experience,trust me its so comfortable to download and explore the experiences

Kinda have a lot of ads but it a great game you can make your own obby and stuff so I rate as 4

I like this app but I have given 4 stars because of the ads plz remove or reduce the ads plzz

Good game but there are so many flaws. Like the buttons are so hard to press that it’s hard to move, sometimes the jump button doesn’t work. And please make the players invisible ;-; and sometimes I don’t even touch the lava and it kills me. My biggest problem is that there is sooo many ads. Overall rating is 3 stars, please fix my problems to change it to a 5

I really love the game, it’s concept and gameplay, I could even make my own levels, it is why I gave it 5stars. But I would like to suggest something about the interface, pls try to put room search filters like, Level Creator or Room name. If you could also put difficulty levels so that we could determine if the level is easy or hard. Well the decision will always be up to the developers. Still a great game though

Game is really nice! I like playing parkour games and this game is all about it. We can explore other worlds and if we want, we can make our own worlds too. I like this game very much, but the only problem is with the ads. Too many of them, and if you reduced the ads maybe this would’ve had a 5star rating. But you can get really creative when making your own world. So please reduce the ads as this is the only problem I have.

The game is good needs more work into the game. Why did i give it 3 stars because of the controls in the building mode, its very slow. Im gonna take hours to just build a house. The flying speed needs more boost is so slow to fly in one location to another. Also needs a skin to customize your character or a vip set for players who want to color there name. Good game but needs to fix the building controls. And also add more items or blocks.add this stuff button, moving blocks, and invisible block

It is very good game I like it I made my own parkour and I play your game is very good

Awesome! But I have a problem. So I started making a parkour this morning and when I started to continue it at the starting I just fell in the air and not on the the base I made pls fix that. And I wish you could make friends and and parkours. My sister has a problem too she made a parkour and after she saved and exited the thing she wanted to see her map and many parts of it had just disappeared and it has already happened to 2 of her maps. Pls fix that. She is very upset because of that

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