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[Game] Pinball King

Pinball KingPinball King : It is a classic arcade game that will provide you the best entertainment.

Control flips and do your best to avoid dropping your ball! And Shoot down enemy space ships.


The most natural and precise physics are applied.
Remarkable rewards for stage clears : collectable spaceships
Easy and casual controls
Spectator mode is supported (watching CPU’s play)
Single mode: Challenge for higher score
Multi-player mode : compete with players from all around the world
Achievement and Leader Board supported
16 languages supported
Tablet Device supported



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Pinball King user reviews :

Well I liked the graphics but. I have a few years of pinball experience. I had built a few real machines in my life. So my criticism is that steal ball’s reactions to the rubber ringed flipper is a mess at best. 1_ ball’s don’t go through the flippers. They bunch over and hit the glass top but not pass thru like a ghost. and then I will have say that there are some unfortunate things that I am not able to take the time to get in to about the menu interface. Plays horrible ? like the way it looks

Not a bad little Pinball game this one. The only problem is the balls pass through the tip of the flippers QUITE OFTEN!!! Needs to be fixed, please!!! Apart from that, it’s just a matter of aiming and timing of each shot which makes the difference in this game. Simplistic features and playing modes, still happy to give this a thumbs up.

I enjoy this game very much. lt does have some small glitches but so does the real machines. I just wish it had more machines. Otherwise, very good game.

Useless. Ball falls through flippers constantly! Just waste of time! don’t try playing it even! Can’t even give one star but otherwise i can’t post this review so I’m giving one star

Ball got stuck on the first try, had to restart the game to get it going. Ball moves way too fast and suspiciously always falls between the bumpers. Physics not quite there yet.

I played “the other” pinball game with multiple machines to choose from, but After one day of playing on this machine, I can’t play any one of those other ones if my life depended on it. Different machines to choose from gets you the 5th star. Nothing else will earn it.

It’s pretty good, but I did have a couple of times when the ball got stuck, and I had to quit. That should never happen in video pinball.

great game, needs more different pinball table to play on though, other than that it rocks!

I give the game only 3 stars because it doesn’t offer anything that pulls you into the game while playing! W!!!

Overall, not a bad game.. feels like it’s not quite on the mark though… not sure why.

I really enjoy playing pinball. I totally love the Sci-Fy look to this game…So far the best one I’ve played since the Stand up Arcade version but better cause it’s on my phone I can play anywhere!!!…I NEED A BIGGER BATTERY!

there should be space for thumbs else the screen gets blocked & affects visibility. also sometimes while playing aggressively the game slides to pause & player loses the game. thanks

This really is a decent pinball app. Not to many invasive ads to speak of, which keeps the game going smoothly.

it was the best free pinball game and had realistic physics, but now the ball keeps getting stuck, the flippers get stuck and the ball moves through the flippers

fun game – playing on the phone takes a bit of getting used to though.

by far the best. idk whats gonna happen later but this is #MeTimeMoment to kill boredoms

The game is ok so far, i played ping ball for real as a kid & I’m still loving it now on my phone.

A good game would be better if i had a bigger phone my fault not the games

Gr8 game play if your like the wife and I who love this sort of game

Nice game

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