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[Game] Pixel Tap – Color by Number

Pixel TapRelax and wave goodbye to stress with Pixel Tap, the all-new coloring app. Fill in the blocks color by color to create beautiful works of art, it’s so simple and fun!

Thousands of stunning artworks to choose from, from simple Pixel Art cartoons to huge, detailed scenes – Pixel Tap has something for everyone! Better still, you can grow your collection without being tied down to a costly monthly subscription – just add new sets as you want them.

Create your own stunning artwork from any photo or image – Pixel Tap is so advanced it can even identify pixel art automatically and make pixel-perfect patterns!

Enjoy coloring anytime, anywhere – once you sign in you can access your artwork collection on any device – you can even play on a PC or a Mac.


Thousands of amazing family-friendly artworks to choose from – something for everyone!

Create your own art from any photo or image, it’s so easy!

Tired of Pixels? – play with different block styles, like circles, diamonds or cross-stitch.

No subscription fees! Grow your collection at your own pace.

Access your artwork collection from any device, never lose anything.

Play huge detailed artworks with over 40,000 blocks!

Great for relieving stress and anxiety.

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Pixel Tap user reviews :

This is a great game! It’s really relaxing and fun. The patterns are fairly easy to get, and there are no ads, which makes the gameplay Soooo much better. The only thing I found was that when you zoom in on the picture and start coloring, if you drag on the wrong square, it moves your screen to a different spot. It gets annoying sometimes. Edit: This has been fixed.

  • Hi, you might be interested in turning off the ‘One finger movement’ option in the game’s settings – turning this off means that you can only move the pattern around using two fingers, so you won’t accidentally move it when using one finger to fill in a pixel. We hope this helps!

Excellent! 5 star app. It’s relaxing and entertaining. The creators also left out the pesky ads. There are options to buy bulk puzzles and I’d highly recommend purchasing some to help support these creators, as it’s very hard to find an app without ads these days. The customer service people were very helpful when I had issues. They are great with communication too! A superb app. Two thumbs up!

Easily the best color by number app on Google. I don’t think there’s a single af, you can add your own pictures, double tapping colors automatically takes you to the nearest one, ect. If I could change one thing, I feel like completing custom pictures should reward more coins, since it cost 750 to make a detailed one

I get this game everytime that I get a new phone, or tablet. It helps you find the numbers that you have missed and it is really fun! You can take photos and turn them into pixel art and the app puts the separate pixel art pieces in catagories so that if you want a really easy one, you can find it easily and same with medium, and hard! Anyway, the point is, if you like pixel art, and you have enough storage on your device, you should get this game!

On a positive note, is very addictive, fun and a good way to relax. Especially love being able to create your own pic and watch it come alive. Biggest drawback is the point system, which is very inconsistent. It may give you 125 points and other times for the same size pattern you only get 90 points. Because each of the sets costs you thousands you have to ‘top-up’ with your own money. 25 points per day as a ‘reward’ for playing is not enough and needs to be increased – dramatically!

Best pixel game there is! It has such a feel, a nice flow when doing the sections of color, it feels like painting. You can find any color# pixel at any time with a double tap; GREAT! Very great quality to their pictures. Many, many pictures which are grouped by subjects, with a large variety of subjects. Each type of subject then have 3 levels of easy, medium, and harder, nice for family use. Also, various picture sizes within the groups. It has it all the features you ‘d want in this.

I really like this coloring app. It’s smooth coloring. Easy double-tap to find colors. There are a lot of patterns to choose from. I see that you can upload your own images to color – that will be fun to try! I have a request though! I am older and have eye issues. I can’t use apps very long that have white screens. Could you please consider implementing a dark mode which would change the backgrounds to a very dark charcoal grey? That would allow users like me to play at night. Thanks!

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