Planet’s Position – Calculates which planets are rising or setting

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Planet PositionPlanet’s Position is a program to calculate the position of the planets in the night sky based on a given location on Earth.

Sky Position:
Individual planet’s positions can be calculated for any time between the years 1900 to 2100.

Calculates which planets are rising or setting.

Lunar Eclipses:
Calculates the lunar eclipses partially or fully visible.
Lists the time of events of the eclipse (Penumbral Start & End, Totality Start & End, etc).

Lunar Occultations:
Calculates the lunar occultations of the planets.
Lists the times of start and end and the position of the moon.

Solar Eclipses:
Calculates the Solar eclipses partially or fully visible.
Lists the time of events of the eclipse (Eclipse Start & End, Totality Start & End, etc).
Displays path of totality/greatest eclipse on Google Maps.

Update Location:
Update device location with GPS or manual entry.

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Planet Position user reviews :

This is the app I was looking for quite some time. A perfect companion when not using a goto telescope and do no want to carry a laptop to run Stellarium. It is exactly as i wanted it,no AR graphics and animation and star art..just show me where a planet is at the moment so that I can point my telescope. Perfect! simple and to the point.

This app used to work and with only a small problem with defaulting to Arizona. Since the last update, however it can no longer install, I just get a-504 error message.

perfect rise and set info. thank you. an amateur astronomer

Working as expected. Many thanks for the fast update

I like your app very much but please add eclipse simulations

Just the right amount of influencing for what I want.

Super eclipse time good

The older version was better no daylight savings time adjustment

Just updated and don’t see the what’s up now button. Only one I used. Oh well. Maybe I have an old version saved somewhere.

Something wrong in the latest version. Indian standard time is GMT+5:30 and not just 5. The time correction can’t be edited. Secondly, the times shown here are not local. They are according to GMT. Kindly rectify.

Awesome. I was just thinking that planet rise and set times would be a great addition.

Just what i was looking for. Nice app for planetary charting. Simple sky map would add a nice touch.

After running the app strange red circles were left on my desktop. Almost looking like a planetary system. They won’t come off even when I uninstall the app.

I have been using this apps for a while, but these new updates does not look appealing. The theme is dull. The original theme and the red colour is better.

Great little app, provides the information you need without all the unnecessary graphics. Pluto is still a planet in my books, and one day will rise again! Don’t give in to the pressure to redefine it, many other things in science have historically been misclassified but are still recognised by the (wrong) name.

Great app. Works great. Only one small thing bothers me. Pluto is not a planet anymore. So either remove it from the list or add every other dwarf planet to the list also..

Does what it says and respects your privacy. Map is only for solar eclipses, though. 5 stars if a later version includes maps for lunar eclipses too.

There should be an easy way of finding your cords manually. Its a very helpful app for telescope users

Super aap. Really good, no time pass. Thanks again and again.

Works great on my nexus 7, use every night. Thankyou for a great app.

Works great. Eclispe data spot on and accurate.

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