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PocketBook ReaderPocketBook Reader : Read, search, make notes & highlights in PDF (Adobe DRM), EPUB (Adobe DRM), DjVu, MOBI, PDB, TXT, FB2, FB2.zip, CHM, html(basic), CBZ, CBR, СBT, RTF book formats. Enjoy a unique, fast and user-friendly interface that was designed to provide the most convenient set of options for you to fully enjoy reading a book.

PocketBook reader allows you to customize your reading experience by adjusting text size, layouts, colors and many other options.

Main features:
Scroll or turn pages by swiping, tapping on the edge of the screen or by using the volume keys.
Use single page, dual page or scroll viewing modes.
Search text to find needed information.
Highlight text and make notes.
Export notes & highlights to a file.
Adjust display brightness while reading.
Lock screen orientation.
Quickly access to table of contents, notes and highlights.
Easy book navigation.
Adobe DRM support.
OPDS catalogs.
ABBYY Lingvo, GoldenDict, ForaDict dictionaries support

PDF & DjVu features:
Crop page margins manually or automatically to fit page content to the screen size.
Use pinch and stretch gestures to zoom in or out page.
Use double tap to zoom to a particular text fragment.
Turbo PDF mode (Fast PDF rendering )

EPUB, FB2, TXT, RTF, MOBI, PDB features:
Use pinch-to-zoom gestures to change font size.
Change text and background color. PocketBook reader supports four color themes (night, day, sepia and gray).

More features will be coming soon:
DOCX formats support

Available languages:
English, Russian, German, Portuguese

By downloading, you agree to the Terms of Use at

PocketBook Reader user reviews :

The app is amazing and i’m giving it 5 stars of course for being so great to handle both audiobooks and all ebooks. However there is a cornercase bug that i found which affects me. It seems that if a folder’s name is lengthy or of a certain format it won’t appear in the “All Folders” section of the “Scanner”. Example: a folder named “_stud2-org {3_oct} {WAR OF ART, personal power}” does not appear until i remove the “, personal power” string. The coma is the problem in my humble opinion. I tried this on both android tablet and mobile. Thank you again for the amazing app

  • Hello! Thanks for reporting the issue. We will check, and if there is a bug, we will fix it. Thank you for choosing our products!
Has improved a lot since my last rather negative review. I’m still not giving it 5 stars as in the good old times just because the behavior of remembering the reading mode (page, continuous) per book is missing. This is important since I read both pdf and epub and pdf is better read in continuous style while epub in paged style. Please restore this old behavior!
  • Obreey Products
  • Thanks for the comments and rating! You are the reason why the PocketBook Team keep moving! We are working on improving the design and functionality. In the near future we will please you with the desired changes.
This is by far the best book reader app I found. Can you please add feature which allows fast forward or backward while audio playback. I generally put device in standby mode and then listen the book while screen is off (Screen is not only locked but it is also off). If I have option to use screen gesture, from right to left for backward and left to right for forward, it would be wonderful. So if we miss something while we hear to the book, we can just swipe finger on screen and control reading. I think screen gesture control is difficult while device is in standby mode, though I have zenmotion app from Asus which has gesture control while screen is off. If you can figure out this, it will be great, if not you can use volume buttons for the same.
  • Obreey Products
  • Thanks for the comments and rating! We sought to make app as useful for you as possible. Your proposal has been submitted to the developers. Thank you for your attention!

Best eReader available There are no ereaders with automatic scroll except this one. If that wasnt enough it has many features like border control. It is absolutely hands down the best eReader alive. Hands down. Your search ends here. Your prayers are answered. This is the only eReader youll ever need. I moved my entire library to pocketbook because it blows ever other eReader out the water.

It used to the best ebook reader with its awesome features and all but after some recent updates there is a major glitch… if I lock the screen orientation and then lock and unlock my phone the orientation automatically changes and locks onto potrait orientation .. this wasn’t the case before.. please fix this and I’ll give you 5 stars

The best of all i gave a try But somehow cant find the way to add bookmark… I didnt get it…
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  • Dear Attila Farkaš, just tap on the right upper side of the screen.

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