Puzzle Colony – A story of betrayal

[Game] Puzzle Colony

Puzzle ColonyWelcome, mighty adventurer!

Can you defeat the armies of the undead and drive them away from the royal islands?

Set sail for a great pirate adventure, improve your crew and recruit powerful allies to liberate villages and settlements. Get powerful weapons and artifacts from pirate treasures and become the greatest buccaneer of the kingdom. Only if you earn the Queen’s goodwill, a glorious future awaits you.


a story of betrayal, adventure and friendship
more than 100 exciting missions
tactical match 3 fights to defeat the enemy and secure valuable resources
recruit mighty officers and upgrade their unique skills
improve your cities with powerful upgrades
enjoy match 3 without frustration by choosing the difficulty level you want
supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Russian

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Puzzle Colony user reviews :

Awesome. Finally a thing you can enjoy woth it becoming overly hard just to lure you to buy. I play a lot a never felt the need to watch ads for any reason. Maybe it’ll change at some point but i’m advancing a lot without feeling a stupidly harsh spike in difficulty. Kuddos! I rarely take the time to rate games but this time it was worth the shot.

  • Thank you for your review! :-) We try to keep our games enjoyable without forcing players to buy. All purchases are optional (though most of them are really great ;-) ) and you can also finish the game without them. Best regards, Martin (the developer)

This is a fun game you can pick & choose which districts t build depending on your mission & needs . Some missions are more challenging than others . Which also makes it fun. Doesn’t frusrate you to much .

  • Definitely a fun puzzle game. RPG progression of crew, gentle resource and town building, good graphics and a storyline. Find out the rest for yourself, its fun!

Just started playing and I love it so addictive to play. Only down side is it seems to be rather battery heavy, but no biggy

Really quite fun mission based management/puzzle game, let down by an inability to restart/replay missions.

  • Hey! You can restart a mission as long as it is not finished yet, if you press the mission button in the top center, then choose “restart mission”. I hope this helps? Best regards, Martin (the developer)

Fun game with puzzles as well as resource management and discovery! Definitely recommend!

  • Hey Thomas! Thank you for your feedback. :-) Enjoy the game! Best regards, Martin (the developer)

Absolutely the best game I have played, lots to do smooth graphics no adds good story. Honestly fantastic

  • Hello Debbie! Thank you for your positive feedback. :-) Really happy, that you enjoy our game. Best regards, Martin (the developer)

Another great game from this dev. Was put off at first but it being match 3 but game is high quality and fun.

  • Hey Tyler! Thank you for your review! :-) Really glad you like our new game (even if it is match 3 ^^). Best, Martin (the developer)

very fun and addictive!! yeeeaaahhhh!!! #free2play4ever

  • Hey Juan! Great to hear that you like it! Be our guest and play 4 free. 4 ever if you like to! ;-) Best regards, Martin (the developer)

So far nice game.Just started playing so l will give an update later.

When I get to the last part of the game I can’t get enough crew to beat the last part

  • Hi Glenn! Please visit us on discord or send us an email (info@funflavorgames.com) and let us help you. As a general hint to increase your combat strength, you should check the map for treasures, grow your cities and build iron forges to produce weapons & armor. You can also improve your ship in the yard. Best regards, Martin (the developer)

I really like the game, a bit difficult to figure out and control, I’ll give the game 5 stars if they add a bit more content and instructions.

  • Hi! Thank you for your feedback. :-) Could you please give us more details on the kind of instructions you would like to see and which kind of kontent would you like to be added? You can reach out to us on discord or at info[at]funflavorgames.com. We would really appreciate your input. Best regards, Martin (the developer)

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