Zoo Merge – Dive deep into the colorful animal kingdom

[Game] Zoo Merge

Zoo MergeDiscover the beautiful scenery of a picturesque revitalized zoo in Zoo Merge.

Dive deep into the colorful animal kingdom and help the animal inhabitants revive and decorate their old neglected home through Merge.

You are the last resort for the cute alpacas, pandas and monkeys to rebuild their once dream home. Take part on a captivating journey and merge valuable resources to provide the cuddly zoo inhabitants with a beautiful new home.
Build wonderful enclosures and stables by merging juicy bamboo, handy tools and useful materials like wood, metal or stones.

Dive into the role of an animal keeper in Zoo Merge and take care of the daily feeding of your cute little animals, whether you treat your cute friends to XXL ice cream or indulge yourself with freshly ground coffee.

What are you waiting for? With a little strategy, you can master this colorful merge game and make your little friends more than happy!


Construct impressive buildings by placing one brick on top of another and be amazed at what you can enchant of the overgrown area in no time

Repair the cute alpaca and panda enclosures and face bigger and bigger challenges by merging the right tools

Take care of curious visitors by serving them not just a small cone of ice cream, but a gigantic sundae

Help building new enclosures by merging the right material

Give the zoo a fresh look by watering the plants

If you like Connect 3 or Blast Games, then you’ll definitely love this Merge Game!

Download Zoo Merge now and be captivated by the heartwarming zoo inhabitants!

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Zoo Merge user reviews :

Enjoying the game for the most part but I do have a few minor things I want to mention. 1st thing that’s kind of mildly infuriating is having the lvl 5 pet food locked behind the obstacle when u can’t merge it with anything. 2nd thing is something small, I’ve noticed a lot of grammatical or spelling errors in the story portions of the game which I’m just imagining is due to English not being the first language of the dev team. There is also a text bubble in German. Starting to love the game tho!

I love it because it can be played offline but it is difficult to play. It needs more times to actually merge an item to another one. This game needs optimization.

Nice merge game mostly. Lags when merging much of the time and during the character’s chats that progress the story. Hoping an update will correct that. Will increase the rating once it runs smoother.

Sometimes it freezes. There is another bug that make programming language appear on the screen and it doesn’t go out

Lots of glitches. Items messing up or orders going invisible so they can’t be filled even if you have the stuff. And having to watch an ad or pay gems to unlock a tile that you have the item to match is absolutely retarded. Game really needs some work. But would otherwise be fun.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We had a few problems with our quest generation over the weekend. With the new version (0.2.31) this bug is fixed. If you still have problems, please send an email to our support team at support[at]crayon.games.

New Update: Game will play now but every few seconds, it pops up saying game isn’t responding..and even when game isn’t playing, it still pops up as not responding… please fix would love to play this game one day… Rank would be higher of it works.. thanks for getting back with me..

  • Thank you very much for your Feedback! we are a small game studio at the moment and it takes longer for us to fix problems in the game. we are working on it!

so far I’m enjoying the game but I only started. only time will tell. love the graphics and everything so far.

love rescuing the animals and rebuilding the zoo. lots of fun with cute characters

I hate the way this game responds to my fingers movements… It’s so delayed. This game is just plain SLOW all around. Sorry guys, but no thanks.

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