Room Escape 100 Doors Artifact

[Game] Room Escape 100 Doors Artifact

Room Escape 100 Doors Artifact  HFG has proudly launched a new Point and Click type unique 100 doors of Artifact escape game. Doors escape challenge is a new collection of an interesting room escape game with different locations in the year 2021, which will boost your playing mood and sharpen your logical thinking!

Escape from all possible places dedicated to different doors & locations, solve enigmas to collect the key, and open the doors just to have even more fun. There are lots of interesting tasks to test your Escape Skills. In order to pass a level, you have to search for the hidden objects, perform tasks, solve conundrums, and win the mini-games.

It’s time to show your escape skills to find any possible way to unlock the doors it is a very interesting and challenging puzzle that will baffle your mind. Use all your brain ability to open the doorway & Get all challenging levels sequel.

A great Challenge for your brain trying to Xscape from the door. To solve the Puzzle think out of the box to get the important clues and exit the room. Use your intelligence to find the hidden objects and break the doors by using the key. Use hint if you stuck anywhere to unlock the doors and enter the next room to Xscape.

The mind-blowing riddles and easy to solve the various categories to increase your memory power. Escape from various categories in the brain-teasing game, challenging rooms are awaiting you!!


100 Challenging Levels
Step by step hint process added
Addictive gameplay
Unique eye-catching locations
Localized in 25 major languages
Twisting hidden objects
Suitable for all age group
It’s absolutely FREE!

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Room Escape 100 Doors Artifact user reviews :

Edit: Thank you for your fast response to my inquiry! Dev’s like you are rare but Wonderful!- I LOVE this game. (I paid for no ads but ads Are Only 5 seconds!) It’s full of simple, short levels that rarely require a “hint”. Gems (for hints) are easy to acquire, so if you Do need a hint, you don’t have to spend any money! (I LOVE escape games but, the majority of them require you to Buy gems with real $, & when you get a hint, it’s not very helpful.. This game isn’t like that.)
  • Hidden Fun Games
  • Thanks for playing the game. We’re glad to hear you liked our game. Do continue playing and supporting us. Feel free to revert us back with any queries any time we would be happy to help you, and always remember we are just one comment away
Difficult to enough to keep you on your toes, but very solvable. HFG, good games.
  • Hidden Fun Games
  • Thanks for taking the time to review and rating. Glad to hear you liked our game. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us here! Keep playing and supporting us.
Can not set temperture on oven. It is not allowing anything to happen
  • Hidden Fun Games
  • You can adjustable the oven temperature only if you make pizza and place the pizza on the oven. Kindly ensure that you have done all the processes to make pizza and you have seen the clue on paper(450) as well. then click the temperature needle and place it between 400 and 500. Note: You need not preheat the oven.
I have enjoyed this game very much. I hope that you have more games like this.
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  • Thank you for taking the time to write a review and give us a rating. We’re delighted you enjoyed our game. Keep playing and supporting us. If you want more interesting, fun gameplays and having puzzles too, Kindly explore more games to get interesting gameplay. If you have any questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Easy and time pass game
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  • Thank you for taking the time to rate and review your experience. Do continue playing and supporting us. If you have any other queries or clarifications, write here we are here to help you.
Really enjoyable except…. I have played many other escape games and this one has just the right balance of easy and some you have to really think about without being too hard and frustrating! Downfall is mini puzzles but hate the sliding number tile ones! They are too difficult and the only way to skip is to end up having to buy gems to pass. For people looking for a fun balanced game, they are too hard and frustrating for most.
  • Hidden Fun Games
  • Thank you for taking the time to rate and review your experience. We have noticed your query. But, we need to know where you got stuck in this game. Kindly, mention the exact level and place. It will be more useful to resolve your problems.

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