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IT’S THE MOST DOWNLOADED AND USED, Multi Stop Mobile Route Planning Software On The Planet

Route4Me is used by Tens of Thousands of Businesses – in Hundreds of Different Industries

AND It’s already being used by thousands of individual UPS, FedEx, and OnTrac drivers to make deliveries to your home.

They Benefit Greatly
By Using The Undisputed Industry Leader: Route4Me

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All The Ways YOU Will Benefit Too.

Do you like being late to appointments, work, or any other place you have to visit?

Do you like driving to one part of town, only to go back where you came from 20 minutes later?

It doesn’t matter if you’re self-employed, work for a small business, or a big company, the time you’re wasting is YOURS.

Unlike ANY OTHER routing or navigation system in the AppStore, Route4Me INSTANTLY re-sequences your ENTIRE route in the correct order, so that you don’t zig-zag across town.

Route4Me is THE route planner for pro roadwarriors, field-sales, field-service, real estate, deliveries, technicians, airport routes, or any other type of multi-destination trips. Enter addresses, zip codes, cities, states, or airport codes and Route4me will optimize the route for you – in seconds!

And even IF your employer reimburses you for gas or per stop visited, use the time you save driving around for a longer lunch, get off work early, watch a movie, or spend time with your family.


Route4Me’s app makes your multi-destination trips quick and easy. Unlike most navigation systems, Route4Me gives you the most optimal route when you need to go more than one place. Save time, money, and miles by optimizing your routes.

Route4Me presents your route in multiple formats and offers a map interface as well.

Reviews from the Experts

Route4Me is an online service that tells you the most efficient route to complete all your errands; just put in the addresses, and let it work its magic.

Route4me optimizes your route when traveling to multiple destinations, allowing you to enter up to 200 addresses per route. Route4me claims that routes are usually 25-35% shorter after being optimized.

The app could be particularly helpful for small business owners who regularly make multiple deliveries in a single trip.

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR won’t run your errands for you but it simplifies the task. Type in all the addresses you need to go to (up to 10), and the site will calculate the shortest route and provide directions.

Need to visit our vendor and a few clients this afternoon? You could eyeball the map to pick the best route, or you could do it the scientific way. Here’s a Web site that will find the most efficient route to all your destinations quickly and easily — complete with driving directions.

Route optimization for these industries:

Airport Shuttle Service
Appliance Install/Repair
Asset Recovery
Auto Parts/Repair
Beverage Machine Refills
Beauty Supply
Dog Grooming
Dog Walking
Education / Tutor
Farming & Agriculture
Federal Gov.
Fire Extinguishers
Food – Delivery
Food – Catering
Food – Bakery
Food – Chefs
Grocery Delivery
Heating & AC
House Cleaning
Ice Deliveries
Law Enforcement
Laundromat / Cleaners
Municipal Gov.
Paper Shredding/Scanning
Pest Control
Pool Maintenance
Printing & Press
Propane & Energy Delivery
Process Serving
Real Estate
Retail Furniture
Service Calls
Secret Shopper
Social Services
Snow Removal
State Gov.
Auto Vehicle Transport
Waste Collection

Route4Me user reviews :

Developers, please make this app easier to use by allowing rerouting from current location, or by being able to duplicate the previous route but leaving out the previously visited addresses. Also, I wish I could load an excel spread sheet of the addresses I need to visit from my computer or Android phone so I don’t have to manually type in each address. I would also like to Lock in “visit” so I don’t have to change it on every address…otherwise good app.

  • Hi David, and thanks for taking the time to post a review. I would like to help you upload addresses to our Route4Me Route Planner app, as this feature is available. We can also review your use case and help you find the best way to use our app. Please, contact me at jason[at]

Apps too heavy. When it start heavy collecting cache/data, the apps will become slow. The map is not up to date. For example, sometime the road is not available anymore because they already make the road as a playground. And when there is no connection or heavy to rerouting the map, sometime the apps will force to stop on it own. That my experience using this apps. Hopefully when got an update, the apps become more better and light.

  • Hi Iman, we are sorry to hear that you faced some challenges using our Route4Me Route Planner app. As a part of the customer support team, I would like to talk to you about this and assist you further. Please contact me at jason[at] I will be happy to help.

Plans some odd things with routes sometimes but looking at the map you can usually see a much better way. Been glitchy lately. It suddenly thinks I haven’t started my route and stops keeping track of finished stops. App needs to be restarted to resolve. This is happening several times a day. Would be great if this app were compatible with Android Auto. Also, stop asking for reviews in the middle of a busy day

  • Hi Brian, as a part of the customer support team, I would like to look at your account and assist you further. Please, contact me at jason[at], I will be happy to help.

This one is the best for me. I can change the routeif I want. The thing that kept it from 5 stars was going from address to find on maps. It searches for the block address and fails more than half the time. You have to manually input address

The app is ok. Love the ability to email and print turn by turn directions. Unfortunately for some reason it keeps automatically deleting my routes which means i half to input them all again and again (not cool, especially when your mid route

I have multiple clients and this app is great for working out your route and give you a summary to email

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