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Running PetWelcome to Running Pet, the endless running game! Jump, slide, and dodge various obstacles to pick up gold coins on the road . An exciting adventure is calling you!

Our pet pal Sunny Cat and his friends want to build a dream home. Can you help them? Use gold coins to buy more furniture to decorate their home! Unlock Buck, Luna, Bao, Jack, and George by building rooms.

Collect skateboard pieces, unlock unique abilities, and skating on city streets. Explore the subway, jungle and more areas, push your limits in mystical realms, and take on thrilling challenges in a variety of landscapes.

Challenging daily tasks and unlock wonderful areas. Jump into the adventure and play now!

Endless running game!
Cute and funny pet characters!
Awesome skateboards!
Challenging and novel worlds!
Intense and thrilling races!
Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
Smooth gameplay experience!
Challenge players from around the world!

Jump, slide, and dodge obstacles.
Power-ups to help you run.
Pick up gold coins to build dream homes.
Unlock more characters and outfits.
Unlock different skateboards.

Are you ready to start an endless adventure with Sunny Cat? Let’s run!

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Running Pet user reviews :

It’s a lot like Tom’s Gold Run. It’s interesting but it’s not very smooth gameplay. It’s not lagging necessarily but it’s not maneuver friendly. You move right or left or slide but it doesn’t always move your character and you end up running into things or dying a lot. Ads are annoying but expected with any game anymore. Meh I doubt I’ll keep it unless they fix the problem I have.

  • Hello, thank you for your support and suggestions for our games. I will pass your feedback on to the development team. Hope you enjoy the game.

Love this one more than the others. Cute characters, adorable graphics, fun skins. The only downside is popup ads. The ads for in game rewards are worth it enough, adding extra pop up ads on top of that makes it excessive and annoying :( Hope to see more skins in the future!

I love it and this is just my little idea but I hope you consider it so here’s goes the door to another place was a good idea but I think you should make it into the door to all around the world or you can also make a door to iconic animation movie scenes that will be awesome

This game is good kudos to the developers,, it’s has different pets from dog to pig to rabbit,, it’s fun running game smooth running so far and building the pet house (, just completed one)is fun, playing without internet tho,, so don’t know about ads,, hope is fully offline? developer?, won’t want to download content to play,,,,, download now!! The pets are running,,did I mention beautiful skateboards,,lol

  • Hello, we are very happy that you like our game. We will continue to optimize it to bring you a better gaming experience. Happy gaming!

Could be better, can’t change avatar tho, and the ads over screen are a minus, could use more places, mini games, more characters

Your idea for making of this game is very good like map changes and so we can’t get bored by playing on same map and also music of other maps are also very good and so I rate this game with 5 stars and 5 hearts

This is good running game,I like the game. Good tasks in their,Good rooms and good animal Character in the game.

Its fun it’s just that its almost the same thing as subway surfer’s and it kinda gets boring so yeah that why I have it a 4 star.

This is so please give me so good because it interest in memory adventure game very crucial manager want to know that I don’t know about what time what is it is taking old most time of so we have to do only one hours play this game

My daughter and I are enjoying it. It’s good that you can play it offline too.

This is really fun to play it has adorable and cute animals. I just love everything in this game

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