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[Game] WarUniverse – Cosmos Online

WarUniverse Choose one of the three feuding factions to side with and seize the control over The Universe with the help of other players.

Protect the sectors under control of your faction from constant threat of alien races and hostile factions attacks.
Obtain the ship you like and equip it in a way most suitable for you, choosing from many different parts.
Gain levels and with each one of them venture further into The Universe discovering new wonders.
Join a clan and make new friends with the same goal as you, together protecting your faction territories from threats and helping others weaker than you.
Take part in dynamic PvP fights with other players and enjoy this Massively Multiplayer Online Space Game the way you like with the others!
Join us, vast universe awaits you!

WarUniverse user reviews :

Still needs work,it still has a kinda “early acces game” vibe with not enough content ,even if it was open for 2 years I think. A lot better than before though,the interface and overall feeling of the game improved. Also,try to improve content for the new players and just please,change those missions,they are literally all the same but with higher number of enemies. Its very very repetitive.

  • Greetings! Thanks for sharing your opinion. We`re working hard and preparing something new in future updates. So follow the announcements. It must be interesting. It will be cool if you change the rate after

This is game is awesome! For being a mobile game it isnt pricey at all with about 80 bucks you can be full geared or close too. Really fun with friends but anyways have been enjoying the game!

  • Greetings, Fernando Mata! We are very grateful for your sincere feedback, we value every piece of it. Glad to hear your enjoy the game with the friends, new updates are coming so get ready Don’t forget to check announcements on our social media and have fun

So far so good on Galaxy A12. I haven’t fully gotten into it yet. But 5 stars for the concept alone. Seems to be a reasonable amount of unlocks. Great. The arcade feel is great. I haven’t tried the control settings, however the tap isn’t too bad. Again, I haven’t gotten fully into it.

Hello, LOOSE TEKZ! Thanks a lot for your feedback, your support is very important for us. If you have some questions about the game please join our Discord community – players and support team are glad to help you: https://discord.com/invite/BpDcXZW WIsh you the best achivements in the game

First things first, as a long time gamer, I never write or rate games. ESPECIALLY 5 STAR. The games legit. It’s a very good mobile and pc game, it plays like darkorbit but far better, and everything is earnable within 2-3 weeks of grinding to be FE. Extremely well thought out dev team for a non p2w mobile game. My IGN is cymew

  • Greetings, Cymew! Many thanks for so sincere feedback about the game, hope you will continue to enjoy our project Prepare for the new big update, that must be amazing. That’s a good idea to invite friends to play together and get the best gaming experience. WIsh you the best achievements in the game

If you are fan of sadomazo this is the best game for you. Paying cash to join in a group (essential feature to any mmo) no problem they got it. Healthy gamplay 1v5 wherever you go (you are that one if you didn’t get it) they got it. In case anyone have ever played WoW the feeling is like leveling in Stranglethorn vale but you can’t go other map because it’s like that everywhere…

  • Hello, Kay! You are glad to see your feedback and how you enjoy the game. You are the very experienced MMO player ;) Invite your friends to play together and get more fun. Don’t forget to check announcements on our social media. Wish you the best achievements in the game

unbalanced low damage and high shop prices.lack of stuff in shop,a lot of grinding.reached lvl 6,couldnt play anymore.

  • Hello, Pilot! Many thanks for your feedback and your rate. Lack of the available stuff in the shop is related to the new Tiers system which must be integrated soon. Hope you will try the update after all and continue your way in our Universe further. We wish you the best achievements

After Loosing my account details after the game support worked very fast to track it all down and got me back playing in no time 10/10 thanks guys/gals

  • Greetings, Matty Elliott! We were happy to help Have a nice game

Proper nostalgia effect playing this game the past month, brilliant and addictive! Its hard to communicate with allies/same faction at times due to no translation features within the game but other than that I love it and reading the roadmap on the website I’m certainly looking forward to the coming updates especially the increased amount of missions

  • Hello, Ryan Dye! We are thanks for your feedback and for following our social media. Olds are here! The translator corrections must be invented soon. We want to say that people from the different countries play our game and it takes some time fix translating. Wait for the upcoming update – that must be amazing! Wish you the best achievements!

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