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[App] Safe Camera – Photo Encryption

Safe CameraSafe Camera is a camera application that uses the military grade encryption (AES 256) to encrypt your photos on the fly to ensure they are secure, are safely stored and hidden against third party invaders, even if you lose your device and it gets in hands of professional hackers.

Securely hide your photos, so that no one except you can access them. SafeCamera has it’s own camera module that ensures 100% secure storage of the photos.

Key features:

Take photos that will be instantly on the fly encrypted and thus never be visible to any application or person until you open it with SafeCamera providing your master password.
Gallery to browse your encrypted photos
Camera with flash and timer for taking self shots
Import existing photos/files to SafeCamera encrypting also filenames and delete original files
Share encrypted photos ether encrypted with same password, other password or decrypted
Import encrypted files from other SafeCamera instance
Encryption with state of the art algorithms and implementation schemes that are proven to be 100% secure by governmental and military organizations.

We have thought of everything! Did you know that once any info is written into the memory and then deleted or even overwritten with another file, it is still possible to restore it? SafeCamera never writes your unencrypted photos into your phone’s SD card. The photo is encrypted on the fly right after it is taken and only then is written to your SD card.

Do you have files that you would like to keep safe? Just import them into Safe Camera’s domain and they will be safe. Although SafeCamera is mainly for handling photos, you can also import and keep safely any other file types.

Want to share an encrypted photo with someone? Send the photo(s) either encrypted with your current password or re-encrypted with a different password. Then just tell the encryption password to your friend and he/she will be able to import it into his/her copy of SafeCamera.

SafeCamera uses AES 256 bit encryption, which is approved by NSA for keeping top secret files. SafeCamera derives encryption/decryption key using PBKDF#2 algorithm using more than 2000 iterations.

See detailed technical specifications on official website

Desktop version is out at

Description of permissions:
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – For reading and writing encrypted and/or plain files from SD card
CAMERA – For taking photos
WAKE_LOCK – For keeping screen on while making long operations

Please report any bugs to

Safe Camera user reviews :

Great app! Would like to suggest to add a time lock feature. Such for instance that one could snap a photo of an actual combination lock, after blindly changing it’s key code. SafeCamera would encrypt the picture and allow access to it only after a pre-defined time has passed, before no viewing of the picture allowed. Thus one could use the combination lock after changing the code without looking at it to create a real time-lock safe, similar to Amazon’s kitchensafe. Which then could store real-world things to which one would only get access to for instance a day or a week. Could also be used to time-encrypt other files. That would make a great addition and is a market niche.

Using the desktop version’s source code I was able to verify the assertions of the author. Indeed all of his claims are accurate, and I’m pretty happy to have developed a little command line utility to bulk encrypt/decrypt my photos on my desktop computer. This is the only photo security solution on Android (that I’ve found) that has auditable security without any red flags (if the app requested network privileges I wouldn’t trust it). The only missing feature is video support. I have my fingers crossed!

Please add, stealth mode (Call Dialer to launch, ability to store video, in app video player, custom background images, allow to play large gifs, remove from resent apps list. I only use it to store photos. Much better platform then Andrognito, but lacks a little customization. I see an eventual undeniable 5 star rating in the future.

This app encrypts photos as you take them. It is thoroughly thought out so that the photos you want safe are always encrypted – even if your phone itself is not secure. You can hand your unlocked phone to another person, for example, without worrying whether or not you left the app open or remembered to ‘lock’ your photos. It locks the gallery after being closed or inactive. Overall, right now, it’s not very feature extensive – but it does what is supposed to well, and is very simple.

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