SailGrib Weather Routing – Designed for recreational cruisers or demanding racers

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SailGrib Weather RoutingSailGrib Weather Routing is an easy to use full-fledged marine navigation app with a very sophisticated and unique weather routing module.

It is designed for recreational cruisers or demanding racers.
It can calculate the fastest sailing route to your destination along a route with waypoints.

SailGrib WR is the first app to use the Android Navionics sdk that allows you to display your Navionics Boating charts directly in the app without any additional cost.

The app has earned the following distinctions :

designed for Iridium GO! and Approved by Iridium – january 2015
Voiles et Voiliers – use it while cruising or racing – November 2014
Yachting World – “impressive” – July 2014
Transatlantic race The Cape – Rio 2014 – The Sun Fast 3200 Yolo winner in class 2
Fastnet 2015 – The JPK1010 winner in IRC3
Tour de Corse 2016 – The Sun Fast 3200 Hokua winner in IRC4 and 3rd in IRC Overall
Spi Ouest France 2017 – The JPK 1080 LSResa winner in IRC double-handed

It now includes:

free download of all NOAA marine raster charts
in app purchase of marine raster charts atlases derived from UKHO, SHOM and NOAA marine charts
a WiFi NMEA interface
an AIS module
a navigation panel
a instrument panel
the option to load custom charts
a full set of atlases of tidal currents for all the European coasts. A SailGrib WR exclusivity
a tide module which calculates and displays tides level predictions around the world
the NOAA models:
GFS 0.25°, 0.50° and 1.00°
NAM and NAM Nest for the continental US
WW3 global waves
the Météo France models:
Arpege – Global 0.5°
Arpege – Europe – High Resolution 0.1°
Arome – France – Ultra High Resolution 0.025°
the oceanic and coastal current models from Mercator Ocean.
a virtual regatta option to help you win games.

In SailGrib WR, you can specify for your weather routing amongst other parameters:

the wind grib file: SailGrib WR includes the regular SailGrib features.
the start, the destination points and intermediary waypoints
the departure date and time,
the speed polar file of your boat. SailGrib WR uses regular Maxsea polar files (.pol extension)
SailGrib WR includes a set of more than 300 polar files for different sailboats.
wind limits up and downwind
minimum upwind angle for comfort while cruising
night efficiency loss for cruising
mixed routing: use your engine if you are too slow sailing.
the current

The Free version is limited to:

2 days of GFS 0.50° forecast
1 day of tidal forecast
50 NM routings
no atlas of tidal currents
no navigation panel
no displaying of Navionics charts
You can subscribe to the Premium option for 1 month, 1 year or for life to get all these functionalities.

Important note:
Grib files are computer-generated forecast files which are sent without review, and are offered on an as-is basis. There is no assurance that the data is accurate or correct. By using such data, you acknowledge and agree to these limitations.
The weather routing module is for planning purpose only.
The maps usedeither in navigation or by the weather routing algorithm might be very coarse and for example might not include all the islands.
The Location used by the navigation module migt be inacurate.
By using these maps, these data and this algorithm you agree to these limitations and assume all the responsibility for their use.

SailGrib Weather Routing user reviews :

The best weather routing app I found so far. User must keep in mind that this app calculates the route assuming he is a perfect sailor. As for me, reducing the sail area to 85% in polar calculator gives me somewhat accurate route timing results. What I would like to see in app in the future: – more options for the grib data, like gusts, waves, precipitation, currents – in planning mode would be nice to have a switch between wind/gusts, waves/currents – make animation smoother, less discrete.

  • Thanks, Polars are issued from VPP software and are always too optimistic. In average, we find that reducing the polar efficiency to 80% for light winds and 85% for stronger winds works quite well. Glad you found the same efficiencies. Many models are offered in our Premium option. Which model is missing? please contact us using the Contact us menu
Fantastic! Hmm beats iNavX and Navionics-much faster and more intuitive.
  • SailGrib
  • We’re always working hard to improve the app. Thanks for your download and feedback.
Great little app, surprisingly feature packed for a freebie
  • SailGrib
  • Thanks, this is not really à “little app”. It is the most powerful and feature rich sailing app as long as you get the Premium option!

Used the full version of the app to great effect in the 2019 fastnet. The developer was quick to answer questions and make suggestions and i found my way round the system quickly. Lots of polars, and easy to create you own. I would definitley recomend this app.

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