My Secret Diary With Password – Everyone have own secrets and precious moment

[App] My Secret Diary With Password

My Secret Diary With PasswordMy Secret Diary With Password : Everyone have own secrets and precious moment in their life but keeping it always live is a big task that to be protected in a password.

Here, we have presenting “My Secret Diary With Password” that provides you all latest features with keep your secrets live through-out your life.

Featured Benefits

Let’s you setup a password to protect your secrets
You can attach your pictures, emoji, paint to your diary give your notes a realistic touch.
Fully customised diary with lots of fonts, background, size, colour, & themes to choose from
Listen music while you write your notes in just a single touch
Giving you a choice to remind you for writing everyday
Unlimited personal timeline gives you freedom to write unlimited notes
Elegant and simple material user interface
Backup & restore feature to the SD card
Any many more to entertain…

Keep all your secrets, feelings, thoughts, experience, and moments organised and put in on a single place. We assure you that your secrets are safe and you are the only one who knows your password. (Please write your password in somewhere else as we would not be able to retrieve your password once missing)

Have fun writing

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My Secret Diary With Password user reviews :

Too many ads come up everytime i open the app. Whenever i try to write or edit something, these ads pop up. So that is a bit disturbing. Otherwise this app is really good. Chronologically arranged. Its a good app. I’ve not used the emojis yet, so cant comment on that.You can add pics pics from gallery, you can change wallpapers, style nd size of writing as well. So I found that cool. It has 3 lock options too – Pattern Lock, Pin Lock and Password Lock. So you can chose according to your choice.

I really like this app, and use it frequently! My only issue is that there is significant lag when writing anything fairly long in one entry. It would be nice if the app could keep pace with the speed at which I type, especially when writing something detailed and long.

it’s really good and helpful if you have gotten too much into your mind and want to spill it out, a secret diary is your best companion. the good thing is we don’t have to carry a book and worry about someone else peeping or losing the key. A diary on phone easier to carry and more reliable and safe as it has a lock without a key

Its very useful app Our secret maybe write in this diary so as to make locks. So many emojis has there its helped to create our emotions. I am so happy to download this app. So I advise to my frnds to install this. Toooo usefull ,plz installl….:-)

Its exactly what I wanted. I just wanted something where I can just go crazy with feelings. And this lets me do it that you god if your really there for making people make this app

At first it was good. But then just today, I wrote on it and I even cry because on what I wrote on it. Writing is my stress reliever, and I just feel so stress today so I decided to write in my diary, but then it is not responding, it lags and lag and lag and all the notes that I’ve wrote was erased. And I can’t help but to feel sad, I write because I’m stress, and now my stress just increass

It’s exactly good for people using Android 6.0.1 like me. Doesn’t do slow typing like people that are running out of storage on their phone or tablet. It’s really amazing, it doesn’t need work! Thanks for making this app!!!

It is a really nice app. I feel like I am not writing a diary but chatting with my best friend.But the problem is u can’t set a new background and font for each day. If we change one all the other days will be changed too.Besides when we keep writing for a long time, we can’t see what we are typing. We can see that afterwards but not while we are typing. It is very annoying indeed .Still, I recommend this to u for sure.Because u will really like it

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