Shipping Manager 2023 – Be the next big shipping tycoon

[Game] Shipping Manager 2023

Shipping Manager 2023Shipping makes the world go round.

In Shipping Manager you can be the next big shipping tycoon and make sure your empire brings cargo and wares from the amazon to the chinese seas to the emirates on time.

Play with or against friends and other real life shipping enthusiasts to control the seas and top the leaderboards.

Create and manage your own shipping empire strategy. In this multiplayer naval simulation game you have the opportunity to become bigger than real life container transport tycoons like Maersk, Evergreen and MSC. Create, schedule and navigate routes in the seas from ports like Shanghai, Los Angeles, Rotterdam, Singapore, Dubai, Hamburg and New York.

Choose between 2 game modes: EASY or REALISM. Go the easy way to lower prices and increase profits or challenge yourself with realism where you have to consider the smallest things like the fuel prices and canal usage tax.

People need their goods transported and by sea is the most optimal way by far! Not by air and not by land. Not by rental car, train, bus or aircraft. But by ship.

In Shipping Manager you get in-depth tactical features like being able to buy vast amounts of different real ship types and sail to over 400 real ports and docks all over the world.

Shipping features
Stop pirates from hijacking your ships.
Manage your staff.
Play the stock market. Invest in other shipping companies.
Manage company marketing.
Build or join alliances.
and much more!

Ship features
Build new vessels.
Purchased used ships.
Track your routes live.
Customize your vessels to contain more cargo.
Improve ships to sail faster around the world.
and much more!

Become the CEO of an empire of cargo and travel naval routes and utilize your complicated strategy to be the new boss of the maritime world..

This game is 100% ad free.
Note: An online internet-connection is required to play this game.

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Shipping Manager 2023 user reviews :

Fun concept. Game is not mature enough yet. Very little useful information about how the game works. Seems extremely difficult for new players to start earning profit. the data you’re given to make decisions is truncated/generalized or disappears to never be seen again. I’m losing money hand over fist every single voyage (buying money packages is the only way I can grow). If the data is available to make better decisions (according to devs it is) it is very poorly presented.

  • Hi Matt, we understand the game could be made simpler at the beginning. I will pass the feedback on to the team for you regarding the tutorial. We do have the in-game forum and community Discord available to join if you ever need help or support.

I’d like to idea the developers when making this app, but I think there is still a lot of improvement here, there is lot of aspects with regards to managing a shipping company that this game don’t have yet. I wish they should put more research on that and put it in the game. Especially if you have a option to choose a realistic mode, then there should be more to do managing a company. But still great job creating this game, I would invest or spend if those will be met.

  • Hi Randy, our game is very new and we are still actively adding and upgrading it. We hope to add loads more features – they just take time to come out and develop.

Very involved. Just starting barely knowing port and starboard but I think I am getting the hang of the game. Tutorial could be a little better as well as the games economy.

  • Our development team will definitely consider your opinion and make the tutorial better. Please email us more specific suggestions at support[at]

I like the game but think u need to make it a little more like your other game where we can pick where our ships go and have an additional stop I think u missed my point guys but its all good

  • Hi Mike, you can pick and choose which routes you wish for your vessel to go. You should be able to do this via the ‘create route’ option.

Please add button next to boats when buying so can buy multiple bots at same time. Please do similar game with passengers not cargo

no ads ,good balance between strategi and calculation on your fleet to gain better income……

Pls Improve and update it , IMO number should be One at time per ships, its like a plate number in a car.

  • Hey John, no worries! We will

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