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Sky News user reviews :

App can be annoying to use. The live breaking news text feeds especially, you can be reading a bit of it, and it updates something new at the top triggering a refresh, and you lose your place. Similarly, if you’re watching one of the videos in the feed and it updates/ refreshes, it ends your video and you have to sit through another advert.

At the start of each day, as I pick up my phone, I check into the Sky News app. As the service is a 24/7 one, I figure it means that if anything important has happened overnight Sky will be reporting it. It is a very useful service to have so readily available.

Yes the app mentions ads and fine in the app if unobtrusive, but the live TV feed for Sky News now has ads before you can watch he feed, every time, which itself already contains ad breaks! That’s a recent change. I installed it to escape the same on the YouTube feed. I don’t mind the ads as broadcast but not ads on top of ads.

Didn’t have any problems with this app until yesterday. Now, every single time I click on a story I get the cookies preferences question. It makes absolutely no difference what option I select, after clicking “save & exit” it merely does the exit part. Next story I try to read – up it pops AGAIN. Sky Sports News app is exactly the same. The BBC has it’s faults but at least it’s news & sports apps take notice of your choices. Edit: have upgraded star rating as it appears to be working normally.

  • Hi, thanks for your feedback and patience whilst we have dealt with this. We have now fixed the issue and the app is working as expected. Please let us know if you continue to see any issues.

Podcast format very poor. Tried to listen to a podcast from the app. If you close your screen, the audio stops, if you navigate away from Sky News, the audio stops, if you leave your phone open, the display times out and the audio stops. Download option? Forget it, who knows where it is stored after you click “download”? So you give up and use Google podcasts for other audio current affairs. This is a shame as the contributors have clearly put a lot of research and effort into the content.

I’m an avid news follower. The first thing I do in the morning is put sky news on my mobile phone… throughout the day, I do the sane . I’m w ell informed of all the news, local, european, and worldwide all day. The app is great for reading a story, watching a video, or watching the news live. It’s a must for me.

Being forced to watch meaningless adverts is pathetic. Used to use this app all the time and it’s now getting deleted. Pure greed from sky

Breaking News… Firstly-Watch This Ad The ads? Really? I have to watch a potato advert, or whatever, before watching footage surrounding a breaking news story? Not only is it insensitive to the story which often involves loss of life, but it’s also a waste of mobile data and time. Edit: Okay so the adverts have been removed from the videos as far as I can tell so I will increase the rating from 1 to 4, 5 if the articles loaded a little faster.

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