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Snes9x EX  Advanced open-source SNES emulator based on Snes9x with a minimalist UI and a focus on low audio/video latency, supporting a wide variety of devices from the original Xperia Play to modern devices like the Nvidia Shield and Pixel phones.

Features include:

Supports .smc and .sfc file formats, optionally compressed with ZIP, RAR, or 7Z
Cheat code support using .cht file format
Configurable on-screen controls
Bluetooth/USB gamepad & keyboard support compatible with any HID device recognized by the OS like Xbox and PS4 controllers

No ROMs are included with this app and must be supplied by the user. It supports Android’s storage access framework for opening files on both internal and external storage (SD cards, USB drives, etc.).

View the full update changelog:

Follow development of my apps on GitHub and report issues:

Please report any crashes or device-specific problems via email (include your device name and OS version) or GitHub so future updates continue to run on as many devices as possible.

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Snes9x EX user reviews :

The game seems to run well. However, I was not able to save in-game. I wasn’t able to save using the emulator either. I did see a lot of new files populate the game folder but I was not able to load. The “load state” button is always greyed out. I had all permissions to storage allowed for the app. Update: I was able to figure out the problem and fixed it. Wish it was more straightforward.
  • Robert Broglia
  • Due to a new Play Store policy, the app doesn’t have full storage permissions anymore and must be granted permission for each folder. Go to Open Content -> Tap the middle of the gray top bar -> Browse For Folder. Email me at info[at] for help with it.

Has a bug (or terrible design decision) that causes sram to sometimes not be written out when closing the app. Happens only like 1/20 times, but it’s enough to destroy any confidence I have in this emulator handling my save data correctly. If it’s such a huge technical challenge to save an 8KiB file at the right times, then at least make it clear what we’re meant to do in order to save our games consistently.

Newest update broke controller support. Using an Xbox Series X controller on a Somsung Galaxy A32. It worked fine before. Now I can map inputs as normal, and it recognizes them fine. But when i get into the game, it recognizes my inputs improperly. I don’t get 8t. 3verything works as normal when keymapping, but once I’m in the game, I’ll press the A button and it behaves like the B button. Hope this gets fixed soon. I need my Super Metroid fix.
  • Robert Broglia
  • This should be fixed in the 1.5.58 update.

Great emulator! The only thing I would like to add is a rapid button option. Like if there is a rapid toggle you could turn on in any button you would hold down would act as if it were being pressed rapidly. Or if it has that feature already I cannot figure out how to turn that on.

Please make it possible to add save/load state buttons on screen; this is a must in every mobile emulator. Also add an option to fix audio so it remains unchanged while fast forwarding. Its quite annoying the audio getting weird and loud during fast-forward. Please consider these useful and necessary features. Thanks.

My most recommended Android emulator for SNES for sure! The other ones I was using were full of ads, John Ness, which was my favorite up until I found out SNES 9x was available on my android, is chalk block full of ads and is just unbearable due to that reason. The save States and uploading ROMs can be a little confusing for this, but with trial and error, you’ll be well on your way to using the best darn emulator for Android that there is, in my fairly limited experience.

This is a wonderful emulator. I’ve been able to play the legend of Zelda, save my progress and load from where I left off and totally destroy every boss in each dungeon without having to respawn in another location in Hylia or in the dark world. It’s controls are very easy to get used to. Thanks to the creators. You’re awesome

Solid SNES Emulator, but I agree that the UI could be better. Maybe like Lemudroid. But overall, it’s the best SNES emulator. For people complaining about games not saving, in app, go to Options > System > Save Path, then select App Folder. That’s the most convenient way.

The best and has been since dinosaurs ruled the earth. I only wish it had or I could find a way to customize the on-screen controller. Let me reiterate, best emulator for SNES. Recommended.

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