Solitaire House Design and Cards – Become a true manor designer

[Game] Solitaire House Design and Cards

Solitaire House Design and CardsPlay fun card games, discover interesting stories, challenge your mind designing abilities and discover a beautiful world of classic solitaire! Remodel & design home and garden, choose house decor and become a true manor designer!

Tripeaks solitaire is an addictive game that brings lots of joy to all types of players! It can help you to tease and exercise your brain and sharpen your mind in a card game in a relaxing way. Get rewads for passing levels journey!

Take a chance to have an exciting journey to the solitaire story and help characters to makeover their houses. Show off your design skills, renovate and decorate old manors, create your own style! Enjoy the most interesting solitaire card game that is a perfect time killer.

Begin the card fun adventure where you pass challenging levels, choose interior items that suit your style to design the home of your dreams. Become a true design master in solitaire card games now!
Get as many stars as you can!
Take rewards for your wins!
Receive daily bonuses!
Use boosters for bigger success!

Hundreds of thousands people play classic pyramid, tripeaks, or solitaire spider games. Become a part of this community and collect all types of cards! Get lots of fun, collect special items and bonuses in Solitaire House Design & Cards!

Daily bonus and other special features will grow your card game experience and make your play even more fun! Enjoy multiple levels that help you to be smarter. Moreover, your design skills improve with our Solitaire House puzzles!

We have lots of features in our solitaire card game:
Our game combines classic theme solitaire and home design;
Fun and addictive card gameplay;
Solve solitaire tripeaks puzzles, renovate and decorate manor, choose home design;
Beautiful game graphics;
Different locations with tons of interesting and challenging levels in a world of solitaire;
Interesting stories of your customers;
Use powerful boosters to pass through levels faster;
Tons of rewards and bonuses.

The designing story of Solitaire House Design & Cards awaits you. Complete the tasks, earn rewards and extract your classic card game journey in a fun game to test your brain power!

Renovate your rooms, personalize your style, design a home & garden of your dreams and decorate manor! Relax and enjoy a world of tri-peaks game Solitaire House Design & Cards!

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Solitaire House Design and Cards user reviews :

Changed my mind. Once you get 5 or 6 games in it gets almost impossible to finish the level. So spending money is almost the only way to win. But I’m broke & can’t afford it so quitting is my only option

  • Thank you for your feedback, TinaNY! We understand your concern about the difficulty level. Our team is constantly working on improving the game balance and offering fair challenges for all players. Your input is valuable to us, and we appreciate your support.

I liked the game because, BEFORE, it does not force you to watch ads. But after a while, they already have this “ad break” where you have to watch the ads before each level. And the levels are hard to finish as well. Still deciding whether or not to let this go because of this.

  • Thank you for sharing your feedback! We appreciate your support and understand your concern about the ads. We’ll take note of your suggestion regarding the frequency of the ad breaks and work on providing a better experience for all our users. Please give us another chance and we’ll strive to improve!

Nice options for decor but very early on it’s almost impossible to pass levels without paying. I wouldn’t mind spending some real cash if all the items weren’t so insanely expensive. Also even with the bought items it’s really difficult to pass. Why would anyone spend this much money to MAYBE finish one or two levels?

  • Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, Tiia! We appreciate your input and understand your concerns. We’re continuously working on improving the game balance and value for our users. Your suggestion regarding pricing will be taken into consideration. Keep an eye out for future updates!

When I picked the card bonus I picked the 30 minutes free game play, then I chose to watch the video for a extra 30 minutes, making it an hour. I ended up not getting it. There are to many issues with this game and I’m thinking about uninstalling it. This just happened. I even spend money for extra moves so this is crazy. The same thing keeps happening. You said screenshot, how and this happened about 5 minutes ago. This is a whole new issue. Thank u so much

  • Hello! Thank you so much for your encouraging star ratings!

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