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[Game] Solitaire Tripeaks Cloud City

Solitaire Tripeaks Cloud CityDo you like playing Solitaire and patience card games?

Play Solitaire with the free Solitaire app. The Great Tripeaks Solitaire collection is waiting for you! Train your brain by playing cards and relaxing with solitaire tripeaks game!

Tripeaks Solitaire game also known as Three Peaks, triple peaks, or Tri Towers is perfect for everybody who likes classic Klondike, Pyramid, Freecell or Spider Solitaire, but is looking for some original gameplay! Play Solitaire Tripeaks: Cloud city, free puzzle card game!

Exciting tri-peaks solitaire and solitaire golf game mix. Better than spades and more interactive than mahjong – classic card game fun is the perfect choice, that’s why people have been playing card games for centuries! Play free online Solitaire Tripeaks!

Puzzle Tripeaks Solitaire card game is an even better brain teaser as a patience card game Solitaire – Klondike, Freecell or Spider Solitaire.

Enjoy your journey through Cloud City, tripeaks solitaire free puzzle adventure is going to begin! Great Solitaire cruise through different islands: Ancient Egypt, grand harvest in the sunny farm, cold Arctic, solitaire cruise to tropical island, Wild West, Mexico… Enjoy beautiful landscapes in Solitaire free.

Tripeaks Solitaire with big cards is easy-to-play, but it is an addictive game full of fun and excitement. Thousands of unique levels give you a perfect environment to train your brain and logic.

Play Solitaire Tripeaks in FREE Solitaire App – classic Tripeaks entertainment.
Unique gameplay – lot of unique levels are waiting for you
Play Solitaire and visit all spectacular locations in Cloud city card games
Striking graphics and relaxing music
Experience classic solitaire from a new angle – enjoy numerous bonuses, events and challenges
Stunning Tripeaks card animations
Enjoy your rewards – card game is completely risk free

If you like classic games like Mahjong, Patience games, Pyramid, Klondike solitaire, and puzzle games, you will love Solitaire Tripeaks: Cloud City! Stop searching for patience games free – download the free solitaire tripeaks game.

Play free online Solitaire – download Solitaire Tripeaks: Cloud City now and begin your amazing personal adventure!

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Solitaire Tripeaks Cloud City user reviews :

Fun but hard. Hard only a few levels in makes it a little too frustrating. I like to relax and play and like challenge but this is turned up a little too hard

well for whom it may concern and I hope you understand this I’ve played on some games solitaires Bingo and many others and believe you me I just enjoyed playing them now if you do win anyting good for you but if you don’t don’t worry about it because it’s only a game and besides you can do better than that so I haven’t seen nobody win anything on any games but only at the store so I hope everyone enjoys this game just as much as I do and have a blessed week

love this game so far there’s no interruptions and not many ads

Great game great graphics and no ads. really enjoy this game

I love playing this game they’ve been so much fun and it me get me to some hard time.

Sorry, but I found a better app that does a much better job. I’m uninstalling this app for one main problem. It’s too expensive and you don’t get much in return. For what you get in return doesn’t justify what you put out. You also don’t have a lot of opportunities to earn money without spending real money to help you along to make things easier.

If you love advertising. I mean really love advertising then you will love this game. Total waste of time and space.

I like the game but when you are playing the game and you out of cards you can’t get anything you keep using the card not a good one you get to use

Too much drawing 5 extra cards and it’s kind of boring, as there’s no daily missions.

  • Thank you for your suggestion. Daily missions can be fun! We are a small team, but we are still trying to improve the game. Hope that you will like the improvements which we will add in the future. Have a nice day

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