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[Game] SongPop® – Guess The Song

SongPopFrom the creators of SongPop comes a brand new way for you to compete with Music Lovers from All Around the World.

Challenge your friends with more than 100,000 real music clips from your favorite artists and much, much more.

Listen to real music clips from artists such as the award-winning Billie Eilish, the renowned Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Cardi B, classic tunes from Queen, and more!
Guess the correct artist and song title faster than everyone else to win!

Compete with players from around the world in both classic async mode and real-time games.

Guess songs to win XP to unlock numerous features and rewards.

Build your playlists and challenge your friends on your favorite playlists to see who is skilled at guessing in this song game.

Level up a large variety of playlists and collect unique items of your favorite music categories to express your musical personality.

Customize Avatars with unlockable Frames, Stickers, and Vinyl.

Progress through the monthly Music Pass and earn exclusive rewards as you go.

Challenge your friends and family to a private game.

Contact us in-game vias Player Profile > Setting > Report an Issue

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SongPop user reviews :

This last version is broken. When I try to play the next opponent, I click on the button and it just returns to the previous screen. The only choices are to chat or sticker (then I can’t cancel it either to return) or start a new game. I have dozens of started matches to reply to! It has been impossible to return to home now. I have to close the app and start again after each match

Too many ads. Plus the game wants you to play many people but cuts off the coins after a certain amount of games. It makes me want to wait to play later instead of same time. I have less than 20 people who I am waiting for to play yet daily challenges say to win 20 at times which is hard to do if not everyone is playing yet are showing as online.

If player doesn’t select song within 10 seconds, song is automatically marked incorrect. The volume goes out at times and upon closing and returning to the game, you aren’t able to make an educated guess and it’s automatically marked incorrect. If songpop classic wouldn’t ask to complete missions for this version, I wouldn’t even play it.

This is a really good game for the most part. Lots of playlists and tournaments. I’m currently on the paid version which is totally worth it, because it eliminates ads and allows you to play just about any playlist you want. If there is any negative, it is sometimes there’s a little bit of lag in tournaments. Which is why I had to deduct a star

Every time I try to participate in a live show, it always kicks me out/the app closes out so this feature is a good concept but just doesn’t work out for me. Not a fan of XP point for playlist don’t overlap to the next level like on OG SongPop. Otherwise game-play when it does load, live 1v1, and missions for monthly passes are spot on!

Yall need to really fix problems or don’t connect to Classic for points.8/30/22 FIX YOUR LIVE SHOWS! I won but no gems & says no winner from team. I didn’t get ghosted or have to revive,was 75 then changed to 66 winners at score tally so others didn’t get part of pot either. Every day there’s issues with LIVE SHOW! And I can’t report a problem through the game,so I’m doing it here, reimburse me somehow,I’ve lost out on gems too many times bc sound drops or choice doesn’t register,etc.

I really love this game! the onslaught of ads tho! I know you can buy the ad free version which I suppose is the point of all the ads! I hate that every new playlist makes you watch an ad! And you can’t even skip over the ad! you have to watch the whole thing!

No bigger issues so far, no freezes or other glitches I read about in other reviews. Usually I’d criticize the amount of ads (one after every match) but I’m assuming copyright to the songs costs a lot, which balances out the amount of ads and the monthly/anual plans. It’s surpsising how many songs and artists I know still even though I no longer listen to the radio but only to my own playlists.

this game is awesome! I’m having a lot of fun playing it and I know just about every single song in group so far I only missed like two!! thank you for making this game

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