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LineTimeTest your general knowledge skills with LineTime: Trivia Quiz Game! Arrange trivia and facts along a timeline based on the quiz you’ve chosen.

Sharpen your mind with hundreds of diverse general knowledge quizzes and master the art of arranging trivia and facts in our trivia quiz game. From history to current events, LineTime covers all sorts of trivia and facts to sort!

Quiz Game with +60 CATEGORIES:
Explore a wide collection of quizzes spanning from the most sought-after curiosity categories to general knowledge. Challenge your skills in arranging trivia and facts in themes like History, Art, Entertainment, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Sports, Literature, Cinema, and much more! Curiosities are everywhere!

Challenge friends and family in real-time multiplayer trivia battles, going head-to-head in your favorite general knowledge topics. Can you outsmart opponents and sort trivia and facts better than them in our trivia quiz game? It’s a brain race for the ultimate general knowledge guru!

Climb the leaderboards, enter contests, and win exciting rewards and coins to personalize your profile and showcase your general knowledge prowess.

PLAY AND WIN. Are you lucky enough?
Receive daily rewards and prizes in this general knowledge-based trivia game! Pick the best card and double up your reward!

Collect them all! Gather your coins and unlock new lines and flags! Display your collection to other players on your profile!


DAILY EVENTS AND ROTATIONS: Discover new curiosities every day!
EXPEDITION: Embark on an exciting single-player adventure complete with power-ups, exploration, and unpredictable matches. Seek valuable rewards as you venture through thrilling quiz quests.
MASTER: Showcase your trivia arranging mastery with this endless quiz mode where you compare two trivia at a time.
MISSIONS: Complete daily missions and reap your rewards.
CHAT: Connect with opponents, make new friends, and meet fellow trivia enthusiasts with similar interests in general knowledge!
LINETIME PASS: Want a superior experience? Become a VIP with the LineTime Pass.

LineTime is the ultimate general knowledge trivia quiz game where arranging trivia and facts provides hours of entertainment and mental stimulation.

Download now and unleash your sorting skills!

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LineTime user reviews :

Did not like that I can not choose my topics of interest. Out of 5 games, all of them were about mangas or video games (there is only one game mode where you can choose your topic) Ads are also frequent. On the positive, gameplay is intuitive

Its ok,this game has potential, but there is room for improvement, and its in big need of that. There is many bad, needless question that even those that have deep knowladge of that topic can answer just with a luck and that coming from top 50 global ranking player. Game will have more players if there is more rewards and if you increase number of games that we can play for free every day

It was ok but ran out of energy in 3 minutes and won’t let me play quiz by myself. Some answers are wrong/too vague that they could be placed at multiple times (e.g. in Game of Thrones’Jaime Lannister arrives in Winterfell’)

It’s good. The only thing that bad is energy.. need energy to continue to play, if ya can’t wait, yea.. that how your money get to the developers..

I really like the idea of the game but I found that the pay to play mechanics were very obvious and hard to ignore taking away from the enjoyment of it.

The game is good, the concept is original enough but the questions are so specific, so niche that I rarely can guess what the correct order is.

I was going to just download it and give it a bad review because of the annoying fb ads, but when I tried it, I found it actually pretty fun

Its good but their are too many commercials Makes it anoying while im playing Es bueno pero hay demasiados anuncios Se vuelve fastidioso mientras juego

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