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[Game] Summer of Memories Ver2 Myster

Summer of Memories Ver2 MysterWe all grow up someday.

Time passes, the world changes, and we change with it.
And so we present to you a tribute, to the summers of our youth.


Summer of Memories is a casual, easy-to-play narrative game set in Japan in the late Showa era.

Just pick a few items for our protagonist Sosuke to put in his backpack for the day, and off he’ll go to explore. When he returns, he’ll regale you with tales of his adventures. From bug-hunting to beaches to friends to family—many stories both sad and sweet await you.

So put on that swimsuit, collect everything under the sun, and come share an unforgettable summer with Sosuke and a wide cast of characters!

Oh, and of course, this game is free to play from start to finish!


Ah, summer break, and those lazy days of carefree fun in the sun! A time for adventure, yes, and a time to forge unforgettable memories, too.

This is the tale of one boy’s summer on a small rural island near Shikoku. It is a story of surprising encounters and melancholy goodbyes.

A humble chronicle, yet even the most ordinary of things can live on in our hearts forever.

English Localization Lead / PM:
Gavin Greene

English Translation:
Matt Erik Katch
Gavin Greene

Summer of Memories Ver2 Myster user reviews :

Beautiful story, lovely art, and a bittersweet experience. Strongly recommended! Useful Tip: there’s a map which can show you where people are and how much you’ve explored a given location. The location tickets and the camera are really helpful too. Only downside to this game is the abrupt ads can be super annoying at times but I’m glad I stuck with it to the end. I love it so much!

Really beautiful game, made me shed tears for the characters’ stories. Useful tip: try to complete everyone’s story before trying to complete the collection or fully exploring the area. Even tho the game said you can play a second run, but you can’t meet the characters anymore in that. There’s no reset button either, so I had to reinstall the game to start over.

Beautiful story writing, especially the grandma’s in the main story, I think I loved that the most. But the dialogue is often wrong with which character is talking, it would put it under the wrong person’s name. This is a bug that should be fixed. I also can’t unlock all the dialogues for all the characters, in my second play they most often just don’t appear on the map. Edit:Just realized the main story the 2nd time playing changes. That was my missing dialogue haha.

It’s a simple game with beautiful arts. The feeling of being a child again exploring a whole new world of village warms my heart. Sosuke’s simple way of thinking makes me jealous but then the grown-ups also being supportive and wise that I learnt again from them. The concept of summer vacation is great. The rewards are generous, so it really helps me to get or buy things. Yes, the pop up ads are quite annoying, but it won’t hurt if you don’t keep looking at the menu. It’s good. Thank you.

An amazing excellent game that has two visual design issues. When you check the map, the markers are different colors on the top and bottom halves to represent whether or not someone is there and how famailiar Sosuke is with the location. It’s difficult to tell when someone is there or not, why not use a bright color like yellow or orange? When checking your collectibles, the items flash which is really annoying.

The game has very nice art and music, but if you want to see all story tidbits it becomes frustrating to play. You are unable to skip any scenes, so if you’re on your 2nd plus playthrough, you have to go through all the text again. When planning your trip and going through different menus, the game bombards you with ads every 2 or 3 screen changes. I would like to rate this game higher, but subsequent playthroughs has soured my experience.

Takes me back to mundane but serene moments of my childhood. It being an idle game is perfect as it reminds me to take life slow and steady even if most of the time it tells you to do the exact opposite. The music and the sfx are immersive. I enjoy meeting and getting to know the characters. Although, as a completionist, collecting all items/scenes could get a long while to do. Playing it does feel like being transported in time and place. Kudos!

Unique and charming. Seems inspired by digital pet games, but the pet is a little boy who goes off on adventures and comes back to tell stories. There are some bugs and issues, but nothing game-breaking. The story is engaging, but there doesn’t seem to be much connection between the items you pack and the story you get. Even the devs seem confused sometimes about the direction of the story. If I could change one thing, let the players choose when Sosuke sets out so there’s time to plan and pack.

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