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[Game] Super Pug Story Match 3 puzzle

Super Pug StoryLook no further!

The most pug-tastic of all pet games is finally here, so join the adventure with Super Pug Play a story match-3 puzzle that’s on a whole new level, one that stands out from all the rest.

Get to grips with a pug game specifically developed to make you look at matching puzzle games in a completely new way. You’re sure to have seen and played tons of cute match-3 games before, both on- and offline, as plenty of them are available. If you haven’t though, but always wondered what it would be like to play one, Super Pug Story is the best possible match-3 puzzle game to start off with.

What we’re about to introduce you to here is just such a match-3 puzzle, but one with quite a few striking and unique features that will take your breath away. How this game is unlike any other matching puzzle game What exactly is Super Pug Story? Well, it’s a little bit of a toons game, a pet story, a bit of a story puzzle, and, most obviously, a fascinating and well-designed 3-in-a-row game, in which the main task is to combine gems and use magic boosters. As one of the latest fun and free no WiFi games, you can play this super match-3 story on any Android device. And this adventure match-3 has been brought to a brand-new level with its coherent and logical story featuring an intrepid hero.

On top of that, the game’s other key features that set it apart from most other new match-three games, or offline puzzle games in general, are all about making you a winner. The game is full of funny characters and pleasant surprises, making it potentially one of the best new cute offline match-3 games out there. But what else does Super Pug Story have to offer? All free-to-play 3-in-a-row games try to offer players something special, so we’ve decided to let you swap lives among your friends to extend your playtime and have even more fun! A game with virtual pugs Who hasn’t fallen in love with the cute characters in these free games? Having studied your tastes, we discovered that pug games deservedly occupy one of the top positions among active players in both the story games category and fun offline games you can play with no WiFi.

Rigorous but easy-to-play, the pug game you’re just about to dive into is the ultimate match-3 adventure that will put a smile on your face while helping you wind down. No other casual puzzle story or match adventure game has such bright graphics and challenging gameplay as Super Pug Story. Though the concept might not be brand new in the world of entertainment and 3-in-a-row games, this free puzzle adventure with a virtual pet option is sure to appeal to everyone thanks to its cutest characters, colorful game spaces, and well-designed levels. We have no doubt whatsoever that Super Pug Story will become one of your most favorite match-3 adventure quest games, not to mention your top offline games.

So feel free to recommend it not only to your friends but also to basically anyone and everyone with a little time to spare on their Android smartphone. You won’t want to stop or switch to any other 3-in-a-row game, either free or paid, we promise.

Join the Super Pug squad right now and let’s get playing!

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Super Pug Story user reviews :

Fun, fun, fun! I play many other match- three puzzles but this is particularly fun. The graphics are great and the individual pop-ups provide just enough of a challenge to keep every level different. I just downloaded this 3 days ago and I am almost to level 100. I’ve left some of my other games in the dust! What I like most is that so far, the levels are not so hard that I feel defeated. Try it.

To many task or objects to remove that require more than one hit may only have 20 moves total. The graphics are great, love the dog etc. Just needs to be other options to continue on if you don’t make it or more options to stay in the game? ……..I Uninstalled awhile ago after playing for 2 months daily. Update: loaded again hoping for a better outcome and still no changes. Still very low recognition per level to allow for more game play, still multiple things to eliminate with little to no so

Definitely different and a great concep love it but I have only been playing these types of games for a month so this one is a little too advanced for me. Was glad I made it over the 100th level in 2 weeks time. Gonna revisit it at a later time once I get some more matches under my belt would recommend it for sure…..

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