Swiped Fruits 2 – Touch and swipe over similar fruits

[Game] Swiped Fruits 2

Swiped Fruits 2  Swipe delicious fruit puzzle challenges to unlock awesome new game modes like Word Mania, Reveal It & Bring It Down.

Swiped Fruits 2 from the makers of Swiped game series, massive upgrade and sequel to popular Swiped Fruits game.

Genie, Knife and Magic Wand special powers at your disposal to aide you when you are struck.

Swipe 10 or more fruits to get 10 Fruits power with unique capablities helping you clear more fruits.

Always try to swipe and make longest chains of similar fruits in this challenging puzzle game with exciting new special powers.

9 Fruit Puzzle Packs with unlimited levels to play…

Classic, Frozen Fruits, Word Mania, Fruit Mania, Reveal It, Bring It Down, Freezing Fruits, Reducing Fruits & Score Panic.
Pass normal levels in classic to unlock Frozen Fruits and play on to unlock all game packs.
Unlock sucessive packs by passing normal levels in each pack.

Swiped Game Play:

Touch and swipe over similar fruits to clear them.
In each swipe action, Longer the chain of fruits, higher the score you will get.
Excite 10 fruit powers by swiping over them along with similar fruit chains.
Play with strategy to form and swipe longer chains.

Swiped Fruits 2 features:

Play in 9 challenging game packs with unlimited levels.
Three Special powers to boost your game.
One of the Four unique 10 fruits power in each level.
10 fruit powers are Tarzan, Monkey, Chimpanzee & Squirrel
Google play leader boards and achievements for all game modes.
Share this game with friends and compete with them for top scores.
Unlimited progressively challenging levels.
Unique and new game for all in family.
Ultimate mind game quests for passing time.

Swiped Fruits 2 user reviews :

Kind of boring when compared to the original game. Lots of levels but you have to get through the first classic level to unlock them, and of course they’ve added mores ads, options to purchase power ups, etc. Now it’s just another game similar to lots of others available. Kids might find it to be fun, it’s kind of dummied down to their level, but it’s not really fun to me. Interface is slow and clunky.

Its a very challenging and nice game hence i love it But the reason i chose to rate it 3 stars,its because when am playing a level in word mania,and it happens that i fail it,it keeps on pausing for a while claiming to give me lives..that really interferes with my interest.kindly fix it

Very very Good Briliant Games of I Gold Techonologies…..All the games you developed are very unique and Briliant Controls of Games…..I’ve played two- three games of i gold technologies…..Very much impressive.Excellent Games All the games are made to be as my Favourite game

I love the stages of the game and also love it cause I live fruits and to eat healthy food so I live fruit games I love the levels

Very challenging but addictive fun. Great game. Thank you

It’s a puzzle within a game, brilliant for the mind.

It’s a game which makes/help u learn never to give up

Very addictive fun game!

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