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[Game] Fruit Master Village Master

Fruit Master Village  Want to become a miner and build village?

Welcome to the journey of luck and play amazing games with your Facebook friends!

Spin to earn gold for the construction of the village, try many times and luck will not leave you! Hurray! Slot machine gave out Thor’s hammer! Destroy villages and houses of neighbors and other players with one blow! Take a shovel and dig for gold! You will get to unique locations where you can start your building! Viking city, pirate island, town of dinosaurs, pirate kings, the Egyptian pyramids – what’s going to see you?

Daily check the news of the village! The shield saved you from attack? Cash stolen? Piggy go and raid your facebook friends? A friend attacked your village?Spin the roulette wheel and return the lost coins!

Build a real fabulous kings island for your viking! Earned gold coins every day you can spend on building houses, statues, ships, plant flowers, piggy, boom and other items! Gambling and get weapons to destroy enemy buildings! Piggy will help you to steal the treasure and become a leader and a millionaire!

How about boom boom stealing gold and prizes from players around the world? Only in the spin game you can feel like the kings island of Viking! Become a real coinstar!

Go to the village shop and improve your house and land, buy new! Protect your kings dominion Viking, raid and don’t let the enemy you gravity! Start autospin and luck will go right into your hands! Unlock different levels and new villages! Play coin games and spend your free time with friends from all over the world!
Connect with Facebook and get free spins, free coins, invite friends and get tons of bonuses!

Game is a journey something like a adventure, but much more exciting!

Play on Facebook with friends and players from all over the world online!
Great Graphics and animations, exciting music effects
Attack and Plunder other villages, dig cache and get rich
Grab a shovel and find incredible prizes!
Absolutely addicting games with gold coins and prizes
Destroy buildings of your rivals and help your friends improve villages
See your name on the leaderboard!
Simple and addictive gameplay, casual game
Spend your free time with coins game, share with friends and earn bonuses

Fruit Master Village user reviews :

I love these types of games and was excited to see this one as the graphics were really smooth, unfortunately the game play algorithm needs work, I just went through 100spins at 1spin intervals and did not land on raid 1time, which just happens to be the bonus game that gives you extra spins and coins, I don’t expect to land on it several times, but come on, 0 lands after 100 spins?, no thanks, I’ll check back in the future to see if things have gotten better to see if I want to reinstall it.
  • Radar, LLC
  • Thank you for the detailed and insightful feedback. If you could, please provide us with your In-game ID because that usually doesn’t happen to most of our players.

It is the long storyline likely the most recent episode and it has a fantastic time looking for chill out everywhere explore forward upgrading ^^ upcoming games ○~events spotify is fabulously popular good splash the day before and after when ever

Have finished all sets and villages have been waiting 6 months so far for new sets and villages keep getting told coming soon but nothing really enjoyed this game but to slow

Fun game, however it doesn’t give you enough spins when you complete levels, and the villages are way too expensive
  • Radar, LLC
  • Hello! We do know that some players are not entirely satisfied with the villages’ in-game pricing but part of our intention with the game is to make it a little more challenging and more competitive. Is there anything else we could work on to get 5 stars?
Great game! Love that I seem to get extra spins just when I need them, just wish they would put some pet food as prizes also or not have to wait 24 hours! OCT 17 UPDATE: Well this game is about to lose a multiple x a day player!! Only ever get 3 shields (if you’re lucky enough to get those), took 2 days to get any last week,, never can bid over 3x per spin, EVERYTIME I get on to play my shields are gone and Village almost totally destroyed! So continually doing same Village! NEW RATING IS 1
  • Radar, LLC
  • Thank you for your feedback!
Its fun! I wish there was a little bit easier way to build spins like more ads to watch or other things to do for spins like mini games within the game. Also im kind of frustrated with another app similer to this one im trying to find an alternative with real suport! And having to wait for spins on the first village! People will get bored and uninstall so that needs some attention. Good start though!
  • Radar, LLC
  • Hi, We’ve forwarded your feedback to our developers. Thank you for taking out the time to send us your suggestions!

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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