Tinker Island 2 – Discover the mystery of the island

[Game] Tinker Island 2

Tinker Island 2  Are you ready for the survival adventure of your lifetime? Yes you are!

Tinker Island 2 is back – bigger and better than before! Join a crew of survivors on an island split between two factions  the villagers and the citizens that are fighting for island domination!

Based on the original Tinker Island award-winning mobile game, Tinker Island 2 throws you into another adventure on a deserted island, filled with mysteries, riddles, epic battles and questions that boggle even the brightest of the minds!

Discover the mystery of the island inhabited by three factions – the villagers, the citizens and the aliens. Pick a side, help them out with quests and discover the secrets of Tinker Island 2. Discover strange locations, battle creatures from the depths of your ultimate nightmares and help out the mysterious characters achieve their destiny!

Enjoy the rich story adventure game that leads you from the beach across the entire island to the grand finale in the volcano. Decide if you are going to help the villagers or join forces with the citizens in defeating the evil aliens that want the island for themselves!
Visit over fifty locations and discover the mysteries of Tinker Island 2, encounter strange and mysterious characters and decide which side are you going to assist in taking over the island!

Fight your way through with our easy-to-handle battle interface and level up your characters as you progress through a rich-story environment!
Manage your crew and upgrade their stats and your dwellings, develop new tools and weapons and use them to defeat the monsters, the wild animals and other dangers that lurk on the island!

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PLEASE NOTE! Tinker Island 2 is free to play, however, some additional items can be purchased for real money or through special offers. If you don’t wish to use this feature, please adjust your device’s settings. By installing this game you agree to Terms of Service published here:  www.trickytribe.com/terms-of-use/

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Tinker Island 2 user reviews :

A lot more entertaining and interactive than i expected. I enjoy it a lot so far, the gameplay, the pixel art and the story! Good job

This new update makes it clear that the only way to progress is through paying for it with real money. It was already a grind to make any meaningful progression (in the story, with your characters, with settlement upgrades), but now after this update it has just added on to the meaningless grind. Disappointing, this game has so much character and uniqueness, but is drowned in horrible microtransactions. Disappointing.
  • Tricky Tribe
  • Balancing isn’t final yet, we are still tweaking it. Please contact support so we can see which part specifically are problematic for your progress.
I played the first one before this, and as with that one I really liked this game but the anti-indigenous sentiment is dangerous and harmful. And I could be wrong but im pretty sure the game text claims the natives “don’t even seem human” when you first encounter them which is super messed up. Indigenous people have faced and still face so much violence and to be mindlessly perpetuating nasty ideas about them in an inconspicuous game is actually disgusting.
  • Tricky Tribe
  • You are mistaken. The encounter describes you meeting the bad guys of the story, who are literally not human (They are extraterrestrials). Explore more and read more of the story before passing judgement.
I’ve been waiting for this game for too long. I’m a big fan of this game, the story and puzzle is amazing as usual. There are so many new things that you can do here. I love this game! Good work, dev team! (edited) Hey I really want to continue the game, but the logbook keeps looping, help me
  • Tricky Tribe
  • The fix for this problem will be in the next update!

I kind of lost interest in the first game because it became overly complicated. BUT I’m happy that there’s a second game to the franchise. Kind of similar to the first, it opens the same but the art style is different which I like. I so far enjoy it.

I played the first game and loved it. This one is even better ! I love the new attack & defense , love that I can pick my own character avatar & the new building designs are great and I’m only lvl 2 so far ! thank you for this game I really love it

I love the first one, and this one was definitely an upgrade. I like the energy limit per character. The food mechanic are cool. Also the fighting mechanics are sooooo coolllll. I can’t wait to play more and discover new things. Cheers!

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