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[Game] 50 Tiny Room Escape

50 Tiny Room EscapeThe game is a mixture of classic room escape and point and click quests.

You woke up in a closed room. What’s happening? How did you get here? These are the questions you will have to answer as you progress through the story from room to room.

While playing you will face many puzzles, code locks, riddles and problems that need to be solved to open the final door.
The story plot about 5 different people that have liked in mystery of closed rooms. At first they seems unconnected, but while you progress thought the story you will reveal the truth about it.

If you look for puzzle games for adults, 50 Tiny Room Escape is really for you.

Game totally free, no in app purchases needed to complete all the rooms.

50 puzzle rooms
Fully 3D levels that can and should be rotated to inspect them from another angle. Game world looks like isometric dioramas.
Variety of locations, absolutely different rooms to escape from
Interactive world, you can interact with almost everything you see
So many puzzles and riddles, that you may think you have no escape from this rooms
Story plot with unexpected final twist

Can you escape from this puzzle rooms?
Try to escape from it now!

50 Tiny Room Escape user reviews :

It’s really enjoyable if you’re into escape room games. Puzzles are great and really makes you think. 5 star game becomes 4 star for the One problem so far and it’s probably a big one. The fact the game freezes outta nowhere and you gotta restart the app, which means restart the room. I’m playing as if I’m on a speed run so the game doesn’t crash before I escape! I love playing and wanna continue, please fix the crashing.

I would give this 4 stars if it wasn’t for the fact that every time I go back into a room that I have t finished it restarts the room in everyway besides the hidden cards I found. I’m on level 12 and had to restart 3 times now, the last being because the game just closed out randomly after I purchased coins and no ads! So now I have to go through my progress all over again and hope I can finish this time. Hopefully this can be fixed in an update.

Great game. I love the puzzles, very creative and sometimes challenging, which is nice. However, some puzzles are ridiculous in my opinion, as in I never would’ve thought that’d be the answer without help from a guide. I also dislike how every time I exit the app in the middle of a room, it resets whenever the app refreshes.

Awesome game. I love the diarama style games, very unique. I didn’t like how the keys work but as the rooms got harder, I didn’t have the issue I had in the beginning where I ran out of keys and either had to buy them or wait til they filled up. I only ever play @ 45 min at a time so it worked out. I had to use some hints, it got pretty challenging. I hope the rest of the game will be out soon and that they put more games on the play store!

A few bugs, otherwise great! I love the puzzles, just as in their first game! Unfortunately the game keeps freezing up on me and then i had to do the whole level all over again, that was very annoying. Other than that in level 14 ‘care’ the box with the stars didn’t go back into the dresser but stayed in the air. But I was still able to finish the game and enjoy it :) just hope the bugs get fixed soon and new levels added

So on the plus side, it’s got puzzles galore. On the negative, half of them don’t make sense or are really abstract. You’ll find yourself overthinking simple stuff and under thinking complicated ones. That being said, if you prefer something this ‘challenging’ it’s a good game, aside from the bugs and occasional directional cue issues. Picked up objects will sometimes stay floating and opened drawers, etc, don’t make a sound. It can all get rather tedious rather than fun

Really great levels! Love this game except the hints are awful. You’ll watch a 30 second ad only for the game to tell you to open an empty drawer that you already unlocked earlier (completely useless). That’s really frustrating but otherwise the game is fun and has nice graphics

It’s a fun set of puzzles. Ads after every level. I get it, you need to make money and it’s not invasive. Only 2 character stories so far. But gameplay is fantastic, the puzzles are built on Town Mystery (which is a good thing) graphics are neat and it’s very responsive.

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