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Trivia DeluxeNo ads, popups or banners!

From the creators of Trivia Crack, here comes Trivia Deluxe: a new trivia game full of luxe and fun! If you’re looking for a free trivia game with no ads, try Trivia Deluxe now!

Be the main star in this new opulent experience with thousands of questions to sharpen your mind, test your knowledge and get to the coveted podium. The crowd will put you in the spotlight!

Get to the podium and celebrate
Answer questions, obtain trophies and get to the podium before your rival. The crowd will cheer you up!
Have fun while answering about different topics and gathering all the gifts and every bill you find on your way. Here all that glitters is gold!

Achieve goals and move up
The more goals you complete, the better ranking position you’ll have and the more exclusive collectibles you’ll win. There’s always more to achieve!

Enlarge your Collection and show it off
The exclusive Frames and Figurines Collection gives you that luxurious touch for your game to be unique. Select a Frame to highlight your profile and a Figurine to show off in your matches. You’ll be everybody’s envy! Finding it hard to choose only one? We’ve been there too! They’re so fancy you’ll want to collect them all!

And this is just the beginning…

Dare yourself to win and get more prizes
Play Pick-a-Prize and win all you accumulate: bills, power-ups and even new collectibles! If you get the cross, you lose everything… but if you don’t take risks, you don’t win!

Spin the Wheel and test your luck
The Wheel never lets you down! There’s a prize for you every time you spin, because fortune is always on your side. What will you get today?

Stay at the top and strike a pose
When it comes to the Leagues, going from Chancy to Ace is all about getting lots of bills every week. Get your answers right and make sure you rank among the 20 first places to win it all!

What are you waiting for? Download Trivia Deluxe and see how far your knowledge takes you. It’s a must-have if you are looking for a trivia game with no ads. Felicia and the crowd will cheer your way up to the podium. Let’s celebrate your success with a standing ovation!

Any questions, issues or suggestions? Need more help? Email us at [](

Disclaimer: Trivia Deluxe is intended solely for entertainment purposes. No real-world money is required or needed to play. Prizes in this game are not exchangeable for real-world money or prizes. You get the full game of Trivia Deluxe for free, and there are no ads.

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Trivia Deluxe user reviews :

Pretty fun game, ads really aren’t too bad compared to a lot of other games. Only complaint is the freezing. I have only been playing for about 45 minutes and I have had to exit 5 times, losing a prize box and a level/turn. Disappointed to see from other reviews this has been a problem for awhile and still hasnt been fixed.

I like this game and have had only a few technical issues having to do with the ad for the lucky spin not loading at times. Also the ad AFTER you finish the game is unnecessary and annoying since there are already plenty of ads as you play the game. There are only 24 hours in a day and one doesn’t have time for constant ads. A4@00

Terrible design. A coworker told me to get it, so we could play. As soon as I opened it. I was put into a game with a completely random stranger. No tutorial, or game instructions, just “here, play this rando”. I exited out of the match I didn’t want to play which negatively effected my ranking. Whatever that means. I finally added my co-worker, and started playing. I exited out to answer a phone call, then went back and couldn’t resume? It just started a new game against the same person.

  • Hi! Thank you for your comment. Could you email us at[at] This will help us investigate this issue and take the corresponding measures. Thank you for your comment!

I honestly love the game and would definitely give it a 5 star rating if you can change to play someone or not give the player a choice don’t force them to play. I left ppl hanging because I honestly had too many games going. Give the user a choice to play someone don’t just force them.

Really enjoyed this game until ads stopped being available. Usually ads are an issue but in this game, they enable you to have another try at a question without having to spend your chips and also double your prize when you win a game. The free spin wheel has also suddenly disappeared. I’m now considering uninstalling unless this is rectified.

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