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Trucks Off Road  Welcome to Trucks Off Road (TOR)!

Great mud and water physics, real-time destruction and console quality graphics in an offroad environment.

Choose a truck to modify with over 400 unique parts from engines, axles, exhausts, blowers, turbos, suspension, transmission, tires, wheels, etc… Then make your off road truck stand out with a huge range of panels, paint options and decals. Once its ready to roll why not show your friends your new ride via Facebook photo uploads.

Take your truck off road on the various mud parks to compete in either Single or Career modes. Competition modes include Freestyle, Circuit Racing, Drag Racing, Mud Bogging and Open Play.

The road is not boring in Trucks Off Road (TOR) with dynamic mud ruts and interactive water to keep your skills sharp. Check out the Leaderboards to see if you really are the best bogger in the world. With more updates to come you can be sure that this is going to be game worth investing in as it will continue to grow and expand.

Make sure you play with your device connected to the internet to gain access to the latest content and features, and to ensure that your profile is backed up (Enable Cloud Save in the Options screen). Note; graphics are set to AUTO, you can adjust them up higher but your device may begin to lag.

For technical support or feedback, support[at]

Trucks Off Road user reviews :

Love this game, yes ads are there and are kind of persistent, but almost 100% of the game is offline. With no internet means no ads… if you really need a better convenience the game does have an ad free service, however I’d say just remove it altogether… I hate ads as much as the next guy but I want to see a multi-player function in this and more revenue for the team means less time we must wait for that to happen.
  • ODD Games
  • Thanks for your review of TOR! More updates are coming to TOR, including multiplayer, and you can keep up to date here;

I’m not a game player at all usually. I came across this game looking for monster truck games for my kids. Needless to say I got addicted to it! Game is just about spit on for realism, and I haven’t seen a mobile game near as advanced! I’ve read a lot of reviews on this and most of the complaints are for reasons that if you play the game long enough or have any REAL off-road experience you’ll find that there are actually things to do or ways to drive to get the trucks to do what you want.

You know, the graphics are amazing. It’s like the future of mobile gaming. The physics are a lot better than I intended. One thing that messes me up is the steering. For me it’s way to strong and way too fast. A steering adjusment setting would be reall really helpful. Anyways, great game.

Game is incredible. So far, it seems like it’s totally possible to progress without in app purchases. Graphics are good, sounds are good, the modding/customization options are very in depth and wide range. Only played about 15 minutes yet, so I may update my review once I play into it a little more.
  • ODD Games
  • Thanks for your review Matt!
Simple, yet True review!!!! This is a great game.. It has really good graphics. Nice real name brand vehicles like, FORD, and many other life like truck brands. Several different types, and/or kinds of accessories. Several different power styled upgrades as well. So yeah. A all the way around pretty good game.
  • ODD Games
  • Thanks for the update!

Not great. Downloaded the newest update. Now the game won’t even load, even after uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times, cleaning up storage, deleting all my other games, etc. Pretty disappointing considering I’ve spent real money on this game and was pretty far into it.

This is an all-around good game good graphics you can customize your truck however you want to what the game allows and I’d like to say the update to the game is spot-on thank you it’s what we all need it and now we just need more money for winning races thank you
  • ODD Games
  • Thanks Brandon!

Absolutely love the update! The added customization is amazing as well as the physics. My only request would be that the game would put you into the interior cam like it automatically does in freestyle for every game mode.

It’s fun but I wish you could be able to earn more money than you do on all levels But you only win 400 cash and what if u cant become a member than u can get very little cash but if u could get like 600 or 800 or 1000 that would probably be better but I’m going to still give it a five star rating because it is a really fun game
  • ODD Games
  • Hey Vinnie! Win championship belts in career mode to get additional sponsor cash on all events or complete Offer Walls to earn free cash or make an IAP or become a member to get double winnings.

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