Unlimited Knights – Create your own knight order

[Game] Unlimited Knights – Speedy RPG

Unlimited KnightsWow! The world has been invaded by fearsome monsters!?

Let’s gather brave knights and create an invincible knight order to save the world!
This is really an exciting and fun adventure!

Key Features:
Find attractive knight heroes and create your own knight order.
Defeat monsters in numerous stages and dungeons to claim victory!
Choose three knights to fight together and enjoy spectacular real-time battles.
Enjoy various growth contents to help our knight order grow infinitely.

Unlimited Knights user reviews :

I cleaned hell 2 fully maybe the first. which there’s either a bug at the end of, or more levels haven’t been implemented yet, which is okay. I enjoyed it for what it is, I’ll probably enjoy it after alpha stage as well. Also after some point the gold dungeon %increase gets so high that you essentially become too big to fail, i think the cost of upgrades likely need to be more expensive in the future, or get the gold dungeon to give less, because I’ve only done 24ish and have all upgrades max

  • Wow! I don’t know your account information but know the player with the same device is NUMBER 1 today! Congratulations on breaking through the 9-1 stage if he or she is really you!

So hard to say anything. Like a refined early alpha game. Like literally no content, but can see bare bones. The partial skeleton looks interesting but missing too many pieces like finding finger a toe and skull of a new species. Summoning needs work, leveling exp is inaccurate. Only summon 1 level no small rates of higher level. Artifacts feels annoying with way companions work. No offline gains. Without it this is a paper weight genre with 0 value. Thousand~ dollar paper weight come on now.

  • Thank you for playing our game. We are currently working on updates for this game, although it may take some time.

Fix the save bug or this game will 100% get 1 star bombed by everyone who tries it. Edit: thank you for fixing it, i enjoy the gameplay although when i saw the game art i thought the characters would be randomized and you can custom create your own hero. The game is fun still overall

  • I’m really sorry that you experienced a bug and currently investigating it. But I haven’t found the exact cause yet and plan to release today to find the cause of the bug.

Very very promising, but it evidently still has a lot of bugs to work out, but it’s too soon to say much else. The account progress reset bug definitely needs to be fixed though. Edit: Good Job, Dev.

  • I will do my best to resolve the account reset bug as quickly as possible, as you mentioned. Thank you for the report.

The game looks good. There is one main problem that’s actually a pretty big deal breaker for most, and that’s no idle build-up. I logged in twice now, but nothing to show for the time that I was away. Edit from 1 to 4 star. The developer is active with the reviews and is showing he cares.

  • I also consider idle build-up important, and I am actively working on implementing that feature. It’s truly shocking to hear that your data was gone. I will do my best to identify the cause as quickly as possible. I’m sincerely sorry for the inconvenience.

I enjoyed the game! I’d like to know if the game will have a data reset or not before i put many more hours into it. I’m looking forward to the update it will cannot come soon enough! Only thing that i can see messing up the game for me is adding more ad’s i know they are needed in free games and i accept the 9 i see right now but in the future i assume there will be 3 for pets and 3 for runes and another 3 for whatever else im not trying to watch 18 ad’s a day But they aren’t in the game yet.

  • Thank you for enjoying the game. We have decided to develop the game based on player feedback and opened it at an earlier stage. While preparing for major updates, we will continue to add small features and improvements along the way.

Great game has a lot of potential so please don’t give up on it. Make guilds available, guild events, world events, friends list. Make co-op missions or dungeons. Put effort into this game I’ll even support by spending real money. I love this game please keep it going.

  • Thank you for playing our game. We are currently working on updates for this game, although it may take some time.

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