Nevermore-W – The door to the new world of aesthetic immortals has opened

[Game] Nevermore-W – Idle Immortal RPG

Nevermore-WLegendary treasure of reincarnation reappeared in the Three Realms with thunder.

Gods, demons, and hidden Clans came out. A bloody storm has come, and young cultivators with unique skills have stepped into the battle for treasures…

The brand-new idle MMORPG action mobile game inherits classic oriental elements and presents charm of fantasy and mythology. The door to the new world of aesthetic immortals has opened, and the journey of cultivation is waiting for you! Multiple cross-server combat, leagues, Abyss Demon King, exquisite costumes, mounts and massive benefits are online! Hundreds of heroes from all over the world will help you. Abyss bosses and top-level costumes are waiting for you to challenge. Collect artifacts to create your own cool image. Master multiple skills to experience the thrill of reaping monsters!

Wander around the Three Realms
The World sets in fairyland style, where travelers wear fancy and fashionable costumes. With one tap, exciting battles of sword fight will be presented anywhere you want. No matter what secret realm it is, you can go there. For example: Three Skies,Evil Lands, In this open world, you are also able to explore freely and absorb yourselves into those interesting and original plots.

Special Skills save the battle
Thousands of ancient skills and clan-exclusive evolution skills prove to be a big helper. You can equip any of them based on your own preference, so come and try to release the Ultimate skill to reap enemies.

Various gameplays full of fun
So many PVE and PVP battles,fight list, and leisure events, guarantee you a both exciting and relaxing gaming experience.Explore mysterious spatiotemporal activities, as well as various strange activities, such as:Limited time activities-Westward Journey Restarts,Limited time activities-Blade Fantasy. And the newly updated cross-server arena also enables you to fight against other players, stimulating your potentials.

Awesome costumes lead the trend
The Skin gameplay, including fancy costumes, cool mounts, There are also powerful equipment, such as:Blade of Chaos,Vampire Blood,countless titles and shining wings, provides you with a chance to build your own style, defeating others with both charm and power to be the most distinctive one in the Three Realms.Even establish their own legends-WuKong Legends.

Pets and heroes are here for you
Heroes and pets descends from various spacetime.Collect demon god from the wuxia world. Collect powerful heroes, such as: Dark Throne, Explore mysterious secret war, such as albion War,Nexus War,Magical War.Collect prehistoric pets and beasts to help them to form team with the highest CP. Let’s venture into a new world.

Love and Companion
Unique social system, exclusive synergy gameplay and online players enable fun social connection. You can join powerful legions, such as:Legions of Chaos,league of angels. Find your soulmate in this unknown world with beautiful wedding, happy marriage, couple dungeon and other systems. We are here to witness your splendid love and go forward together.

Nevermore-W user reviews :

So far it’s a little better than the first one but user should have more control over fighting plus should be NPCs to interact with and a better story mode to follow with characters. Then it would be an awesome game!

wow. just wow. graphics are beautiful. game runs well, but its soo busy. running place to place, little icons all over. pop ups with gear to upgrade, things to open etc.

The game id quite good. Did have fun playing this game with all of my free time. It is also refreshing after a long and rough day. The graphics are also quite nice and so are the players. Hoping for this game to blossom.

Thus so far i have really enjoyed playing game, have no complaints, maybe just add some more events thats a bit more F2P based, other than that its a great game, lots of fun

Fun and quick to learn. More unlocks as you advance which means you keep coming back to play. I have synced my game play over two devices meaning I can switch between screen size which is helpful.

I like the game the game is pretty decent you don’t really have to spend money to level up it takes some time but if you want to level up quickly then spend some money I’m a big fan of mythology I love cultivating manga this is great 10]

Its so basic, the preview screenshots look NoTHING like the game at all, dont waste your time. Static screen with characters having 1 animation and a repetitive voice. No cards to unlock and dark wukong looks like a beast but talks like a 4 year old child its cringey i feel im playing a game made by kids. Theres so many better afk games out there damn even raid is more manageable than this. You cannot pause combat you try doing something theres no info just click this, and watch same fight

I throughly enjoy playing my game, my goal is to continue to grow my CP an be one of the top players without spending alot, u do not have to spend money to play this game but a few bucks spread out over a few packages really does help build you up. But all in all it’s my number 1 go to game, FOR NOW!!

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