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Warhammer 40,000 WarpforgeGet ready for a genre-defining CCG with fast, strategic gameplay, innovative game modes, awesome art and a deep love for Warhammer 40,000 showing through in every detail!

A digital collectible card game set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Warpforge will bring together all the major factions in the Galaxy as digital cards. Build your collection, create the best deck, and fight against other players in brutal and fast-paced battles!

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Warhammer 40,000 Warpforge user reviews :

It’s a solid card game, lots of options on the decks and factions. There’s plenty here for fans of 40k and the systems between cards are well made. However, -1 star for the menu screen being needlessly confusing and another for the constant crashes, in 2 days it’s crashed mid match 6 times which requires closing the app and reopening, losing the match progress even on practice mode. Update- last 3 matches in a row crashed. Done with this game until it gets this fixed

Great graphics, voice lines and sound effects. Deck building and gameplay is fun and challenging. I think gifting new players three boosters and showing them how to navigate the campaigns better, would reduce confusion at start. The start screen with the three images looks a bit bare bones not comparable with the overall great in-game graphics. keep up the great work

The game is a basic card game. Already discovered a bug that completely ruins the game. When playing as the necrons sometimes a bug will appear that stops the player from seeing the field. Which means I can’t target my opponent properly. Think I’ll leave the game for a while so they can fix some things.

  • Apologies for the situation! May I ask if you tried the last update available in the Google Play Store? An update has just been released that should fix those errors. Please let us know at support[at]everguild.com if the problems persists after the update! Thank you for your patience!

Its okay. To be honeat I find the cards/icon/buttons too small to get on with and difficult to read sometimes. Old eyes I guess. I find that HH Legions far more UI friendly. Gameplay has some nice aspects, like the ability to choose ranged or melee attacks, and playing Xenos is great. If I could mix both games it would be perfect.

I’m a big fan of the HH game y’all have made and I’m liking this one as I’ve been wanting and waiting to play it and everything so far is great. BUT it’s keeps having performance issues and will crash on me after a little bit which as you imagine can be frustrating. When or if the crashing problem gets fixed this will get a easy five stars. UPDATE: I’ve changed the rating to 4 as the lag and crashing issue has been lessened slightly but still occurs. I will give 5 when that issue is fixed

Oh and by the way the alien faction is stupidly OP af. They generate and regenerate units with very little energy cost yet with huge damage. I’ve waited for this game to come out forever and it crashes way more often than I would like. The fact that it’s extremely difficult to get wildcards in order to craft new/better cards makes it kinda stupid in my opinion when the SAME colored wild cards do not work across all factions. LAME.

Excellent graphics, just enough factions. But I spent the past hour getting pummeled by other players with waaay more advanced decks than mine. No PVE to speak of except for the individualised “tutorials” for each faction. Will uninstall and get back into the game if and when the playing field gets a bit more even.

Awesome except for ranked mode crashing every time I Would like to have the forfeits cancelled out to preserve ranking but if the system crashes like Gwent does in shop mode when the cache is filling up… Hopefully larger card fram es to see the art like in deck edit Great first try now to see art in full screen mode as well as maybe 25 percent larger .never had to squint just to make out details. Font size is also needing upgrade Hopefully the new update on day 2 will fix it

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