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[Game] Word Connect

Word Connect  Welcome to Word Connect, the most addictive word game.

Word Connect is a simple crossword game to train your brain and learn new words.
Play this free wordscapes puzzle game while inspiring your word level.


Concentrate to find all hidden words in given letters.
Connect them anyway you like to catch the word.
Get rewards by finding more extra words.

Word Connect has 5000+ crossword puzzles.

Get bonus in word connect everyday.
Find extra words to collect coins in the word game.

No time limits, just enjoy this word connect game at your pace.
No wifi need, Connect word anytime and anywhere.


Completely free word puzzle game.
Daily bonus coins for free hints.
Most addictive word collect games.
Fun and relaxing word search brain game.
Free 500 coins at the first word cross game.
Simple, easy, and addictive crossword puzzle.
Amazing spelling word search game for all ages.
Great word game suitable for both starters and word masters.

Improve your vocabulary and learn new words with Word Connect.

Word Connect user reviews :

The apps experience is not as good as I was hoping, there are many Word games like this one and I don’t think that this one really stands out. Most words I connect do not appear in the bonus words or the puzzle itself. As a critic and a Worldwide rater, I take my reviews seriously, this app gets a 3.8Star review from the best critic!

I am very pleased with this game so far. Ads are not too bad no words that no one has heard of. A fun game if you likw crossword puzzles then try this game. I only hope that now that l have rated it things do not go downhill. I may decide different sometime but for now have fun playing this game. Changed cell phones and had to start again. Sigh!

I really enjoy this word game when I want to pass the time!! It’s a bit “family friendly” as it won’t allow any words that are even mildly objectionable, like ‘pee’. Besides that, it’s easy and fortunately does have some words that aren’t English based. I’d like to see more!!

Desperately needs a mute option for the ads. Apparently I’m not necessarily the most up on being a Scrabble dictionary, so when I get frustrated, I pull up someone’s Scrabble tool online and enter some of their suggestions. Plays well enough, works smoothly, though I still haven’t used much of their assist tools.

While I love this game, I’m really getting sick of adds after every single game played. I have tried to purchase to remove ads multiple times and it always says an error occurred.

Just downloaded the game. So far so good. Im sure the ads will show up any time now though. Like the point system/quantity..

Love word games and this one is easy and challenging . Not many ads and the few you get are short. I also like that you don’t need a lot of coins to get a letter if you get stuck. Very relaxing and enjoyable game.

Pretty fun so far. I don’t like how the ads pop in during a puzzle. It’s easy to earn coins…so far. In level 78 or so. It has a dic. to look up words that are spelled for different definitions.

So far this game is pretty fun. There are words I know mean something and listed in the English dictionary but was not “counted”. Will continue to play and may alter my review at some point.

I really like this game. Only reason I didn’t give it a 5 Star rating is because they’re too many ads that comes in between levels or next game. I have to go out of the game them come back in it before I can play next game.

Fun bringing up words,colors Do wish it was included in Bible games. Like having phone calls and message coming in Need to get people contact.keep miss sharp as anything

So far great. Seems to be a few repeat games but they are spaced quite a few levels apart, so it’s not so bad. Don’t mind the ads. Need explanation of symbols and what points mean, etc.

Really enjoy the game. Less ads and the responsive time of game is very good. Like it a lot!

Simple, but not always easy. I’ll typically breeze through until the last word or two are left and try to pick up as many ‘Extra Words’ as possible along the way.

Good game with reasonable amount of ads. Some of the others are ads after every puzzle this one is much better.

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